Introducing Magnifica, the Most Fashionable and Convenient Personal Mirror

As the life of the modern woman only becomes busier and more stressful, efficient convenience is key. Here to provide just that along with a splash of style is the Magnifica mirror.


Perth, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --With IBISWorld reporting the cosmetic industry's value at around five billion dollars, (1) it is important that the proper tools are provided to allow people to use these makeup products. Perhaps the most important of these tools is a high-quality mirror. After all, a glamorous mirror is every girl's best friend. This is where the Magnifica fills its niche. As a state of the art mirror, the Magnifica magnifying mirror is the perfect companion for any woman's makeup collection. But to make the Magnifica the best personal mirror on the market, the designers had to focus on a few key traits.

The most vital aspect of any mirror is precision, for a blemished mirror is less than helpful. An imperfect mirror will cause its user to, in the best case, misapply makeup or, in the worst case, poke an eye out with a misplaced eyeliner pencil. To prevent these tragedies the Magnifica is meticulously crafted and features a magnification level of 7x. In this way, users can accurately apply makeup, closely inspect an area of skin, and examine for blocked pores.

Aside from precision stands style. The Magnifica was designed with its aesthetic in mind, so the personal mirror is sold in three versions, black, white, and mounted. And these differing styles allow the Magnifica to fit into any room, no matter the ambient color. As a side benefit, the black and white versions come equipped with an elegant stand and a built-in makeup tray. Additionally, the mirror swivels independently from the stand, allowing users to move the mirror to fit to their location instead of the other way around.

Another core value of the Magnifica mirror is technological advancement. Every Magnifica mirror contains a built in LED ring light, evenly illuminating the face of the beholder. And the mounted version of the Magnifica comes with anti-fog and water-resistant treatment, making it perfect for use in the shower or sauna. Sadly, there is one resource holding the crafting of such an advanced and elegant device: funding. To remedy this issue the Magnifica has launched a $8000 AUD crowdfunding campaign where patrons will receive discounted mirrors and other perks. Non-monetary contributions are also appreciated, for any sort of word-of-mouth sharing of the campaign provides vital exposure. With the help of readers and patrons, the Magnifica is planned to come to ship this December with an emphasis on style, craftsmanship, and innovation.

For more information visit the Kickstarter campaign page.