Introducing Mile200, the First Athletic Formal Wear

In today’s fast-paced environment, it is common to swap between athletic and business attire. Here to remove this transition is the Mile200 shirt, a shirt that breaks barriers.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --In the modern world, professionals are commonly required to wear a button-down collared shirt. This practice gives a nice clean look to many workers but it comes with one hindrance: mobility. Structured collared shirts are often a bit stiff and are completely impractical for any sort of strenuous physical activity. This unfortunate dilemma has always been the case until now. Mile200 has developed a professional collared shirt that has all of the flexibility and sweat resistance of sportswear, yielding the ultimate in comfort and practicality.

The Mile200 shirt is perfect for those days when working out immediately after work is the most convenient option. What's more is that the Mile200 shirt even performs well for working out before work, a practice that is typically impractical due to sweaty odors. Thanks to the multiple fabrics used in the construction of the Mile200 shirt, wearers are able to sweat their hearts out in the shirt and be dry and odorless immediately after. Additionally, wearers are able to display a sharp, clean look during all of this activity.

The shirt itself is made primarily of two fabrics: TENCELĀ® lyocell fibre and quick dry mesh. The TENCELĀ® material serves to regulate the moisture that the shirt holds, allowing the Mile200 shirt to keep the user both cool and dry. The quick dry mesh augments this effect thanks to its contoured shape and moisture wicked fabric. This dryness ensures that no sweaty odors are trapped in the shirt and prevents smelly bacteria from spawning.

As for the fit of the shirt, the Mile200 shirt features a tapered design, yielding an appearance of professionalism. To achieve this look, the shirt can be produced with custom-made arm sleeves and a custom-made collar, ensuring the most comfortable fit possible. New 3D cutting techniques also serve to increase the flexibility of the shirt, removing the stiffness of a collared shirt without removing the aesthetic.

Despite all of these innovations, the Mile200 design team wanted to make the shirt affordable, so they have cut every extraneous cost. This means absolutely no middle men like storefronts, distribution centers, and marketers are in the sales process, keeping prices incredibly low. To finance the first wave of production, the Mile200 design team has opened up the shirt for pre-order on Kickstarter. These shirts are available for a discounted price while supplies last. Those interested in a hybrid shirt that breaks boundaries are encouraged to take advantage of the temporarily lowered prices.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.