Introducing MyLive, Making Any Guitar Its Own Band

Whether a beginner, a street musician, or a pro, it is hard for a guitarist to practice with a band for hours on end. Here to provide the perfect solo training and playing experience is MyLive.


Milan, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/29/2016 --While the sound of a single guitar being strum is certainly pleasing to the ear, it is no match for the experience of listening to a full ensemble perform. Without a bass and other key instruments, it is difficult for a single guitarist to provide a full-sounding performance. The common solution is for a guitarist to practice alone and perform with a full band; however, this quick fix has its flaws. Practice needs to be realistic in order to be effective; hence, guitarists need to practice with bands, but bands rarely have open schedules to practice together for the time needed to tune their skills. Here to provide the band without the scheduling nightmare is a new innovation named MyLive, emulating the sound of any instrument directly from any guitar.

To achieve this wholesome sound all a user has to do is attach the MyLive device to the outside of the guitar. This attachment is completely safe for the guitar as the MyLive device uses a single, high-end suction cup, ensuring that no residue or scratches are left behind. From this point, the guitarist can open the MyLive mobile app and begin recording his own solo performances. These solo performances as well as other downloaded tracks can be played back through the MyLive device attached to the guitar.

Because of the placement of the device and its ability to measure and create vibrations within the guitar, both the recording and the playback of the MyLive device sound incredibly natural. In turn, guitarists are able to perform their songs over the playback of other instruments, creating natural-sounding virtual band. The entire system is simple to use, making it perfect for beginners, yet it allows enough customization in tuning the recorded, echo-reduced, sound to be a valuable tool for professional guitarists. Street performers in particular will be able to wow crowds by playing loops of their own sound over each other alongside a live performance, creating a polyphonic masterpiece. With MyLive there are absolutely no limits to the depth of sound a single player can create in practice and when performing.

In order to mass produce the MyLive device with the high-quality needed to make it a professional tool, the design team needs funding. To remedy this issue, MyLive has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The first few patrons will be rewarded with a massively discounted MyLive device alongside lifetime access to the MyLive app. Interested guitarists are encouraged to take advantage of this sale before supplies run out.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.