Introducing Peacock on the Rock, a Children's Book for the Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga has become popular among young adults in the past decades. Today Peacock on the Rock brings this same healthy and balanced mentality to kids.


Edgewater, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2017 --Over the past half of a century, a variety of healthy practices from fat-free foods to detox cleanses, to physical yoga have become popular. What's more is that the primary demographic of practicers of this healthy yoga-like mentality has been young adults and middle-aged individuals. However, almost everyone who currently practice yoga wishes they had begun their journey to a more balanced, healthier lifestyle started earlier in their youth. After all, the muscular stretching that comes with physical yoga routines is vastly more efficient when done at a young age. Additionally, the sooner a person begins to pay attention to their diet and balance of exercise, the sooner they feel the positive impact of this lifestyle on their stress levels, strength and more. For this reason, Varsha Bakshani has created Peacock on the Rock to introduce this lifestyle to children, making a healthy impact on children everywhere.

The Peacock on the Rock book introduces a variety of ethics to children as well as a few of the mental and physical benefits of yoga. The book promises to send messages of truthfulness, humbleness, cleanliness, and other core values. To communicate these messages, the book comes fully equipped with full illustrated pages, bringing the Peacock on the Rock character to life as an embodiment of the healthy yoga lifestyle.

To further the realism and immersiveness of the story, the Peacock on the Rock set comes with a stand alone peacock, serving as a physical reminder of the book's lifestyle guide. Additionally, children are encouraged to 'feed' the mythical peacock a few grains of rice every day, furthering its prevalence in their lives. With these tools, the Peacock on the Rock set can promote a discussion between children and their parents about healthy lifestyles. In the same manner that the Elf on the Shelf promotes Christmas spirit and the Mensch on the Bench fosters Jewish Tradition, the Peacock on the Rock enlivens the practice of yoga.

Sadly, the building of these Peacock on the Rock sets is no cheap task. To remedy this issue, the Peacock on the Rock team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, supporters will receive a signed copy of the book. With this support, Peacock on the Rock aims to promote healthy values among the world's young ones, teaching a balanced lifestyle.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter.