Introducing Run It, the Game to Make Anyone President

With the chaos of the 2016 presidential race, many feel they would make a better president. Today a game named Run It is here to allow anyone the experience of being the president.


Pittsburgh, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2017 --It is easy to look at the opportunity to become president and think two thoughts: that position is unattainable for me, and I would do so many things different. Outsiders of the political game often are set on extreme and well-meaning goals, like ending hunger in the United States, without realizing the possible negative consequences. For example, setting up infinitely-stocked, government-funded soup kitchens would unleash cries of the expansion of welfare and even some Mccarthy-esque shouts of communism. Without understanding these consequences, it is easy to criticize any president for not setting up said soup kitchens. Today, a new app by the name of Run It is here to educate the people on the practicalities of being president while enthralling users through challenging and adaptive gameplay.

In the app, users set out with their own personal goals like destroy terrorism, rule the world, or simply help the United States prosper. In addition to these user-chosen goals, players will need to keep an eye on their spending as well as their public approval rating. These factors of the size of budget deficit and approval rating are integral to becoming reelected for a second term.

As the game progresses, players will be faced with a variety of decisions including the opportunity to run missions abroad, relocate troops, and more. Many of these decisions will be updated periodically to reflect current events in today's political environment, adding a level of realism to the game. Thanks to an adaptive series of decisions, every play through will be unique and challenging, offering players a new way to run the country in the way that they see fit.

The algorithmic structure of the game has already been completed, the only part left to polish is the animation. However, for a game with this much depth, animation is a costly and time intensive task, especially for the three college-age Run It developers. To remedy this issue the Run It team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a variety of perks. Those who contribute to the campaign will be rewarded with anything from their name included in the app itself to being able to contribute valuable input concerning how the game should function. Additionally, mid-tier contributors will be able to name vehicles and characters within the game. With the support of readers, Run It aims to provide a realistic and engaging opportunity to entertain and educate the masses on the inner workings of politics.

To learn more visit the Indiegogo campaign page.