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Introducing Spin Strong Air Resistance Trainers, the Explosive New Way to Strength Train and "Jump Rope" Developed by a Parkinson's Patient

Spin Strong handheld trainers use air drag from compact spinning fin-cords for an intense upper body workout, and can be combined with any leg exercise for full body training, the most popular being a simple way to “jump rope”.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2020 --Delivering the fitness industry's first handheld spin trainers based on air drag, Spin StrongTM cranks up innovation, providing high intensity resistance, a wide variety of upper-body and full-body training options, and a simple way to get jump rope exercise.

Now, everyone can jump rope. Just spin'em and jump. People don't even have to jump off the ground. Users agree that Spin StrongTM trainers "feel like jumping rope", that's because both are based on air resistance.

The patented Spin StrongTM trainers utilize short cables lined with triple-fin air resisters. They offer a wide range of intensities and allow many different levels of engagement, from training with one arm while sitting, to using both arms combined with leg exercises such as lunges, squats and walking.

A revolution in resistance exercise, Spin StrongTM was invented and founded by Phil Davies, a 62 year old Parkinson's patient, when his movement and endurance problems began to worsen a few years ago. He developed Spin StrongTM to provide air resistance trainers that meet the needs of all exercisers, including those with movement challenges.

Phil Davies states: "Spin StrongTM trainers use low load, high resistance exercise, making them valuable for fitness training and physical therapy. During use, air drag is continuously resisting forward circular arm movement."

"While providing the resistance needed for jumping rope, they transform into high intensity strength trainers when arms are lifted up and out from the body. Spin StrongTM trainers require little space to use, making them ideal for at-home workouts."

Spin StrongTM trainers are available at spinstrong.com and sold in pairs for $39.99 with free US shipping. Each trainer includes a handle, a short cable and a set of five air resisters. Spin StrongTM trainers include an instruction guide with diagrams for nine key exercises. Workout videos are available online at SpinStrong.com/train, and an additional pair of air resisters can be purchased separately.

For more information, visit http://www.spinstrong.com.

About Spin Strong, LLC
Spin Strong, LLC was founded by Phillip Davies, an inventor of multiple full-body exercise devices. Newly launched, Spin StrongTM will include an entire product line of air resistance trainers in the near future. The mission of Spin StrongTM is to provide drag-based strength, cardio and full-body exercise for people of all fitness levels, including those with movement challenges or disabilities.

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