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Introducing SugarCRM Facebook Integration


Windsor, Queensland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2016 --SugarCRM Facebook Leads Integration has been released to aid the automation between Lead Ads and customers. It will allow customers to connect with preferred ads and offers quickly. It also makes it easy for businesses to receive leads instantaneously.

SugarCRM Facebook Leads Integration is designed to enable a one-click and frictionless experience for consumers and solve the problem that prevents Lead Ads from being stored in any other form other than a CSV downloadable Facebook file. This has been made possible by syncing the lead ads with CRM allowing a direct import without having to deal with CSV files. 

SugarCRM Facebook Leads Integration is meant to make the signup process smoother for users by automatically generating contact information like email addresses and mobile phone numbers submitted by people over the social networks. The platform will allow brands to find new prospects on Facebook who are similar to their loyal customers and target them via the Lead Ads format. It will also ensure the flow of information. In a nutshell, SugarCRM which will make it easier to highlight key opportunities.

Specifically, the integration will allow advertisers to:

- Collect lead information quickly and in real time

- Ensure that the leads are successfully captured in a system that is secure and available for B2C and B2B sales, customer service and marketing opportunities.

Due to the shift in the mobile world which has created challenges for acquisition campaigns, the Lead Ads will help businesses to reach out and capture the intent of the people who could be interested in their services. The integration will make the process easy to follow up. It will also ease the acquisition of new customers and maintain client relationships.

The technology will help companies to customize the lead ad forms with open questions and multiple choice questions in order for them to receive information that means most to their business. The lead ad platform offers customizable and standardized fields. Also, advertisers can include customizable disclaimers so that the companies with pre-approved legal language can add the approved disclaimers to their lead ads.

Whether the businesses want to urge people to sign up for their services, newsletters, offers, events or additional information on their products, lead ads will simplify the mobile signup process, helping the businesses to reach the audience interested in their products.

SugarCRM lead ads are available to marketers and advertisers everywhere, with a lot of additional features to make signing up a process for business information easy and the reach of the ads more targeted and efficient.

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