Splash And Relax

Introducing the Aurora I17 Hot Tub from Splash and Relax

The virtually indestructible top of the range garden hot tub is now available in the UK.


Horsham, West Sussex -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2013 --Hot tubs are a great addition to any household and Splash and Relax have a range of hot tubs that can fit the requirements of any potential user. They also have the ability to help any prospective user with a good idea of what is available and just what it does. Their Internet site has great descriptions of each of the ranges, which will give a good idea of where to start and hopefully how to miss any pitfalls. Splash and Relax are also available to give advice by phone or email in order to give the client the very best chance of success, years of experience is readily available and will make life a lot easier.

One of the lesser known facts of the hot tub market is that first time buyers often buy a hot tub, which is fitted with all the latest gadgets and when they buy the second hot tub they go for a much simpler range. This not only saves on the cost but actually often makes the use of the hot tub much simpler and more pleasurable. It is with this is mind that Splash and Relax are pleased to supply the Aurora – I 17 Jet Hot Tub to a market that wants a good almost indestructible hot tub with simple controls but which will give a great massage. The hot tub has been made by Viking and is totally made from parts made in the USA, which still have some of the most reliable manufacturers in the trade. The tub itself is virtually indestructible being made from a High Density Polyethylene, which will not degrade, delaminate or blister and this provides a good base from which to start. The jets are good and well placed with a pump that runs much cooler than most but provides a good steady pressure for the massaging. The cabinet is made of polystyrene with UV inhibiters to retain the original colour, the cabinet is a great design and the one piece panels of tongued and grooved appearance means that it requires no maintenance and there are no glues or adhesive problems to deal with.

The key system of any hot tub is the power pack that drives the jets and hence delivers the massaging flows and Splash and Relax - http://www.splashandrelax.co.uk - have picked the Aurora –I range because it has a Balboa power unit. Balboa have been operating since the 1980’s and are one of the largest and most respected producers in the business and the unit that powers the Aurora – I is a reliable workhorse with a great control system. Splash and Relax supply a full package including a weir style skimmer to ensure the safety of any user. They can also provide a range of extras including Ozone purifiers but the pack is ready to go and is easily installed but to those who would like a little care and attention Splash and Relax can provide a good installation service so that by the time they have finished the hot tub is up and running and ready for use. Splash and Relax think this is a great way to start.