Introducing the Bedchill, a Piece of Furniture That Might Change Life in Bed

This world’s first connected overbed rolling table will make your bed more cozy and functional than ever.


Bordeaux, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2018 --THE CHILL COMPANY has announced their first consumer product: the Bedchill, the world's first connected overbed rolling table, to help people enjoy their bed like never before. After 2 years of development, they just launched on Kickstarter.

"I've always considered my bed as one of the most comfortable places on earth" says Constant, the inventor of the Bedchill. "Like many people I enjoy using my laptop or reading in my bed, but I could not find a proper position and I always ended up having pain somewhere. Also my girlfriend and I enjoyed having brunch in bed on Sunday mornings, but we often ended up spilling something on the sheets".

That is where the idea of the Bedchill came from. Constant wanted to add a "practical" dimension to beds, to help people "chill out" while also staying connected.

Regarding what technology brings in terms of comfort, our bedrooms are a bit behind the curve. The Bedchill is made with the future in mind by modernizing the bedroom and improving comfort in it.

To maximize both comfort and functionality, the Bedchill has integrated power outlets and USB ports. It also includes LED color changing lights, integrated Bluetooth stereo speakers, 2 drawers and an automatically retractable cable. The Bedchill is available in three sizes and has many setting options to fit any bed.

Bedchill can also be slided away from the bed and put anywhere in the room to turn it into a classic table, a connected desk, or even a console table.

Finally Bedchill can be personalized by choosing color and plug type as it is available worldwide.

"When we showed the project on social networks, we got thousands of messages from people interested in getting their Bedchill. We were pleasantly surprised that people are willing to admit they enjoy spending time in bed. They saw in the Bedchill an opportunity to make those moments even more enjoyable" Constant tells.

"We wanted to make this product as accessible as possible so that everyone can get a Bedchill in their bedroom. One of our main focuses was to keep the price under the average price of a mattress".

The Bedchill is available to pre-order globally on Kickstarter, from now until June 13th, with a promotional price of up to 40% off retail, starting at $317.

THE CHILL COMPANY designs, develops and produces innovative furniture. As shown with the Bedchill, the company's mission is about combining design with tech and always keeping their products accessible to the greatest number of people.