Introducing the Cardamon Wallet, the Indestructible, Paper-Thin Wallet

In recent years, the most popular designs have been minimalist and elegant. Here to bring that same clean aesthetic to wallets is the extremely durable Cardamon Wallet.


Squamish, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2016 --Virtually every consumer product from a laptop to a backpack is designed for eventual failure. This loss of functionality is part of what keeps customers coming back to the same producers who sold them a product with an expiration date. This phenomenon is called planned obsolescence, and wallet manufactures are no stranger to the concept. Wallets eventually become worn out, bulge, or simply fall apart. Needless to say, these built-in faults are tiresome for the consumer and are usually unnecessary. In fact, many consumers would rather have an expensive product that lasts forever than a cheap one that will soon need to be replaced. The Cardamon Wallet is here to provide the best of both of these options.

The Cardamon Wallet is both affordable and designed to last a lifetime. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee, providing hassle-free replacement. But the Cardamon design team focused on more than just the functional benefits of the wallet. The team pushed to create the smallest, most minimalistic wallet without sacrificing functionality. The wallet itself comes in at just under four millimeters thick, making it one of the thinnest wallets on the market. To makes the wallet virtually indestructible and that small is a feat of modern engineering. To achieve this thinness, the team used several crafting innovations that were previously foreign to wallet making. By using modern practices of heat pressing and high-frequency welding on the single sheet of fabric, the company was able to minimize the number of stitches put into the accessory. In this way, the Cardamon wallet was able to achieve its record thickness after over three years of developments and hundreds of prototypes.

On the aesthetic side of the wallets construction, a high-density weave pattern paired with aerospace-grade waterproof laminate provides a cushioned and luxurious feel. What's more is that the wallet comes in five colors, two more traditional colors and two vibrant ones: phantom black, chocolate brown, majorca blue, mustard yellow, and ruby red. Unfortunately, the Cardamon Wallet does not have the funds needed for the first wave of public distribution. To remedy this issue the Cardamon Wallet team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This campaign will the provide funds needed for the packaging of the wallets as the design and manufacturing costs have already been covered. Early adopters of this refined design will be treated to discounted pricing when pre-ordering through the campaign page. With the support of readers, the Cardamon Wallet aims to create a elegant wallet that lasts a lifetime.

For more information visit the Kickstarter campaign page or contact Ryan Scott at Starwood Creations.