Introducing the CODAmeds Dispenser & Travel Case to Sort, Store and Supply Medicines, Vitamins & Supplements


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2016 --CODAmeds™ Dispensers offer everyone better health to follow prescription schedules and wellness programs around-the-clock.

Medicines, vitamins and supplements are all compounded into pills or capsules which share limitations in swallowing sizes and shapes—they're all difficult to wash down without the taste and discomfort often felt at the back of the throat as they're choking themselves down. Our unique sweeper feature filters small and large pills into two dose cups, it eliminates the problem of too many to swallow at one time.

Medication compliance is a growing concern to clinicians and healthcare systems as non-adherence is a growing and leading to more adverse outcomes and higher costs of care. The Obamacare healthcare fines average $8,700 for Medicare Hospital readmissions for "boomerang" patients, patients returned within eight weeks for the same treatment. In 2013, nearly 1 in 5 patients returned within 30 days costing taxpayers $26 billion extra. Drug dosage compliance would be greatly increased if an easy-to-use pill dispenser with little training was given to each patient discharged—certainly much less than $8,700.

The CODAmeds™ Dispenser offers a truly unique product in today's electronics age; it's a go anywhere, stand-alone pill dispenser machine that operates on no electricity without computers or software.

According to Donald Dickey, Director of Sales and Marketing of CODAmeds™, "Many think that the CODAmeds™ Dispensers appeals to just individual users, but potential customers can be Health Service providers and Health groups, Insurance companies and Retail organizations seeking to attract more customers as premium promo offers or as an add-on product line for helping people of all ages in managing their drugs and vitamins better while growing more sales."

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