Introducing the DribbLords, a Jumping, Spinning, Fascinating Game

It can seem like game development today has become stagnant with little to no innovation occurring. Here to change that is The DribbLords, a game featuring unique mechanics and lovable levels.


Vienna, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2017 --Ever since the golden days of the classic games of Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more, platformers have long been in the public's eye. The baseline skill required to complete a level combined with the added time pressure of a ticking clock makes for quite a rush from level to level. But these games did much more than simply showcase what it meant to be a platformer; instead, these games set themselves apart from the rest by incorporating a variety of unique mechanics, each of which forced the player to think in new and creative ways. As a result, these game series took off and began to feature more and more unique mechanics like vision play in Luigi's Mansion or speed generation in Sonic. After this golden age of platformers, it can solemnly seem like there are no undiscovered game mechanics for platformers to incorporate. Here to change that is The DribbLords, a game that combines jumping, spinning, and more to create a puzzle-like platformer game with an adorable cast of characters and adventurous levels.

The game itself incorporates incredibly simple controls yet provides a depthful experience for any player. On the phone the game can be played with only one finger, as tapping the screen will cause the DribbLord to jump while tilting the screen will cause the DribbLord to rotate. Similar effects can be achieved in the PC version with the use of the four arrow keys. Through changing the speed of the spin of a DribbLord, players can cause intricate bounce angles, adding a level of intricacy to the game.

As players progress through the game's levels, they will master these controls in order to maneuver these DribbLords about the terrain, fighting the ominous and mechanical system as the DribbLords attempt to make it to the exit portal. The levels become progressively more difficult, and powerups are scattered across the game, adding yet another layer of depth to a seemingly simple platformer. As a side benefit, the aesthetic of the game is perfectly playful, making it suitable for all ages.

Sadly, a game as innovative as this takes funds to develop. To remedy this issue, The DribbLords team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Those who support the campaign will be rewarded with a variety of perks, ranging from a copy of the game to the ability to name a level in the game. With this support, The DribbLords team hopes to finally help the DribbLords beat the system and rule their little, crazy world.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.