Introducing the Potty Protector, the Next Step in Toilet Training

At an early age, little boys seem to have trouble remembering to sit to pee. To remedy this issue, the Potty Protector allows them to stand to pee without any fear of missing.


Blackfoot, ID -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2016 --Mothers everywhere struggle with getting their child to use the toilet without making a mess. As a result hundreds of guidebooks for how to potty train a child have spawned. Many mothers ever result to the common solution of telling their sons to sit down and urinate instead of stand up. Unfortunately, this only delays the issue and these children are more likely to miss once they start having to stand up. Additionally, this sitting to pee can be emasculating, especially for older gentlemen or mentally disabled adults who cannot be accurate enough to stand. This is where the Potty Protector fills its niche. By vertically extending the toilet bowl, boys are able to use the bathroom with confidence and toilet train effectively.

The Potty Protector sits atop the toilet and acts as a funnel to give its users a wider target area. In this way a child can be taught to aim better and stand to pee without having those slip ups that douse the bathroom. As a side benefit, mom no longer has to come clean up the all too typical mess. With a single piece design, the Potty Protector requires no assembly and is incredibly easy to install. Additionally, the vast majority of toilets come in just a few standard sizes and the Potty Protector effectively covers all of them.

The one of a kind product is also easy to clean with a simple spray down, ensuring that the parents have a minimal part in bathroom duties. As a side note, the Potty Protector team wants to keep manufacturing in the United States to produce jobs; sadly, this is an expensive ontaking. To remedy the issue of cost, Potty Protector has opened pre-orders early in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Patrons will be rewarded with anything from a set of dinosaur stickers to a pair of Potty Protectors. With the help of readers, everyone from elderly men to toddlers can use the bathroom with confidence and mess-free.

About Potty Protector
Potty Protector was founded by Cindy Covington, mother and loving wife. Tragically, Cindy experienced a pain no mother should: the loss of a child. Her dinosaur loving four-year-old was killed by an SUV, and his two-year-old brother was traumatized by the event. As a result the brother, Conner, started making a mess in the bathroom. To help this, Cindy's husband attached a cut out bucket to the toilet, and the Potty Protector was born.

To learn more or support the Potty Protector visit the Kickstarter campaign page.