Introducing the Servatis App, the Shopping Assistant to Save the World

Hundreds of species of animals are brought to extinction every day. Servatis, enables consumers to save them with informed shopping habits. Your every day product purchases make a bigger difference than you might think.


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2016 --Nearly every consumer product has some sort of repercussion on the environment and animal ecosystem. From paper products that employ unethical lumbering practices, to sugar manufactures that use animal bones in filters, to laundry detergents that maliciously test the eyes of bunny rabbits to understand how dangerous their products are, everything has an impact. And with around two hundred species that are driven to extinction every day, it is imperative that the public take measures to prevent this careless destruction of life. This is exactly where the Servatis app fills its niche. By informing its users, the Servatis app will enable consumers to make more ethical choices when purchasing any sort of product.

In recent years, this impetus to preserve life has become even more important as the public is quickly realizing just how delicate the world is, the only bit of life in all the cosmos, that is being extinguished at an unprecedented rate.

The reality of the matter is that consumers are helping environment-disregarding businesses thrive, but these consumers would stop doing so if they only knew what they were contributing to. The Servatis app will allow consumers to quickly determine the ethical differences between multitudes of similar products. In this way, the everyone can recognize a product for what it stands for and find ethical alternatives. For example, most consumers may not know that Windex cruelly tests its products on the eyes of animals or that Allen's Naturally is pledged to be cruelty-free, but with the Servatis app these consumers would be informed and have the option to buy based on moral code.

Unfortunately, a project of this magnitude, requiring the cataloging of a plethora of products, will require massive manpower and bit of funding to complete. To remedy this issue, the Servatis design team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Patrons will be rewarded with the opportunity to direct which products are first to be included in the app, and an opportunity to advertise on the Servatis platform if desired. With the support of readers the Servatis app can truly change the world for the better.

To learn more or support the Servatis app visit the Kickstarter campaign page.