Introducing Twinshaver, the Dual-Blade Solution to Head Shaving

One of the few downsides to a shaved head is the maintenance that it requires, needing a touch-up every two days. Here to make this process easier is a new form of razor: Twinshaver.


Munich, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2016 --One of the common myths about men with shaved heads is that their hair requires less maintenance on account of having little of it at any given time. People believe that the removal of need to shampoo and condition hair is a massive benefit. On the contrary, men with shaved head spend just as much time if not more on their hair. Every two to three days, men with shaved heads need to conduct a complete shave. This process takes far longer than the three minutes it takes to wash out shampoo from hair. Twinshaver is here to change that. With two razorheads working in conjunction, users are able to shave their heads in under two minutes.

And worry not, for the Twinshaver design team carefully crafted the device to prevent against nicks and cuts. Thanks to over two years of research and development, testing various blades and designs, the Twinshaver is virtually-cut free. No matter how quickly or vigorously the user tends to shave, no blood will be spilt. Shaving without nicks is especially important to men who shave their heads, as a cut on the head tends to bleed profusely, while a cut on the cheek may only bleed for the lesser part of a minute. The Twinshaver team understands this importance, so they have taken every measure to prevent cuts. An aloe strip, three closely aligned blades, and a protective grid in each of the two razorheads are just some of the tools used by the Twinshaver to prevent nicks.

The Twinshaver itself is shaped like a small, palm-sized crescent, serving to match the curvature of the head. To hold the Twinshaver, the user simply slips four fingers into the four brass-knuckle-like slots of the Twinshaver. This fitted grip is completely ergonomic, allowing users to shave comfortably and securely. What's more is that the two razorheads are perfectly angled and sit on the inside of the palm, enabling a user to shave by rubbing their head in a natural motion. As a side benefit, the curvature of the Twinshaver conveniently matches the rounding of a leg, so the ladies out there can use the Twinshaver to quickly complete the tedious task of leg shaving.

Sadly, a product as innovative as this one requires capital to produce. To remedy this issue, the Twinshaver design team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Additionally, early adopters of the device will be able to pre-order a first edition Twinshaver and replacement razors for a discounted price. With the support of readers, the Twinshaver will forever change the way that head shaving is done.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.