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Introducing tyGraph Social Analytics for Twitter


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2016 --This latest addition to the tyGraph family of social analytics technologies allows large event organizers and CMOs to gain a deeper understanding of the social sphere surrounding their events and marketing campaigns.

"Measuring the impact of Twitter is more than simply tracking tweets. You need to understand influence, impressions, and sentiment – which is exactly what tyGraph provides," states Beezy Chief Marketing Officer and Evangelist, Christian Buckley, who is also founder of CollabTalk.com. "More than just activity metrics, tyGraph allows us to better understand the trends and themes within our monthly tweet jams. This helps us understand the top topics that are resonating with users and those topics that will have a direct impact on both product strategy and marketing spend."

After the CollabTalk,com event on November 30th, 2016, Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft tweeted: "It's almost as if #tyGraph did a brain scan of all participants, showcasing all the fired neurons - a colorful community as always :-)"

"We've built our reputation around providing truly actionable metrics." said Dean Swann, Director of Product. "Coupling Microsoft's Machine Learning (ML) with our proprietary algorithms for impact analysis allows our customers to surface insights that were previously unavailable."

"We combine our unique harvesting capabilities, with Microsoft's ML and Power BI capabilities to provide near real time analysis of Twitter traffic for your event or campaign." said John White, CTO of UnlimitedViz.

"We continue to broaden the reach of tyGraph analytics to more social platforms." says Ed Senez, President of UnlimitedViz. "We're thrilled about the early customer reaction to this latest edition of tyGraph."

For more information visit: https://www.tygraph.com/tygraph-for-twitter

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