Introducing Yemyem, Reviving Ancient Shoemaking Traditions

The art of crafting shoes has long been a part of human culture. One form of shoe, the Yemeni shoe, has survived the test of time. Here to reintroduce this shoe is a new form: Yemyem.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/19/2016 --Shoes are an integral part of everyday life. They provide everything from style to transport to comfort. What's more is that shoes have been around for centuries, and the Yemeni shoe is one of the oldest and most popular versions of the shoe, which were first formed in the fourteenth century, over seven hundred years ago. These shoes were adopted by the people of modern day Turkey and were considered to be extremely comfortable and a prime example of craftsmanship. Sadly, the shoes today are largely forgotten and are almost exclusively sold as trinkets. Here to bring back this traditional model is a revitalized form named Yemyem by Ruya LLC.

The shoe itself is expertly crafted from the finest exotic materials, as it is meant to be. The Yemyem shoe features a different form of leather on each side. The upper is made of goatskin, the sides of the shoe are made from ram skin, the inner lining is made of sheepskin, the inner sole is made of cowhide, and the sole itself is made of tanned buffalo. This combination of textures and structure serves to provide the ultimate in comfort.

To create the blending of these materials, each Yemyem shoe is handcrafted in Turkey. These shoemakers expertly weave together the leathers with one hundred percent cotton thread. Additionally, the shoes come in a variety of colors, totaling eight flavors ranging from Licorice Suede, to Blueberry, to Butterscotch. To expand this variety, other colors like Vanilla are already in the works. With the Yemyem shoes, Ruya plans to bring back high-quality craftsmanship to the modern world of shoemaking.

Sadly, a lux creation like the Yemyem shoes requires a significant amount of funding and demand to begin production. To remedy this issue, Ruya LLC has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Backers will be rewarded with anything from a leather keychain, to an early bird special, to a full set of all of the Yemyem designs and flavors. With the support of readers, Yemyem will revive craftsmanship through an elegant and traditional design.

About Ruya LLC
Ruya LLC was founded by Gokhan Ozturk, the creator of Yemyem shoes. With an attention to detail and a dedication to every client, Ruya LLC set out to expose this tradition craft to the modern age.

Today he is proud to be hosting a Kickstarter campaign that has been marked by Kickstarter itself under "projects we love".

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.