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Inventor Seeks Crowd Funding Backers via Indiegogo for Toilet Seat Lifter Wrap-N-Lift

Ergonomically designed Wrap-n-lift provides a germ-free way to lower and lift toilet seat.


Delray Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2013 --Andrew Abellard has invented an easy and germ-free solution for lifting and lowering the toilet seat. The successful invention is getting rave reviews from wives and mothers who see its necessity for keeping toilet seats down after use, and little hands germ free. Abellard is seeking investment for production costs, packaging design, and marketing. The Indiegogo campaign seeks to raise $6,000 dollars by Nov. 1, 2013 (11:59 p.m. PT).

“I designed the Wrap-n-lift because I was tired of hearing my wife and daughters complain about how unsanitary it is to lower the toilet seat. So I came up with a simple solution that makes everyone happy,” said Andrew Abellard, CEO of Wrap-n-lift.

For over a year, Abellard worked through various designs and chose a thin 1.5 mm silicone strip. The strip is so thin that it doesn’t hinder proper positioning of the toilet seat. In addition, customers can choose among five colors to coordinate with their bathroom fixtures.

The Wrap-n-lift easily attaches to the toilet seat by wrapping around the seat. Just bend the strip in half, wrap, and secure the two ends together. A temporary adhesive securely fastens the strip so it doesn’t move around. The strip lasts about two years and easily peels off for removal. Use any kind of goo remover to eliminate leftover adhesive. The Wrap-n-lift is easy to sanitize, too.

“I’m so happy my kids no longer have to touch the seat. And the little colored end reminds my husband to lower the seat,” said Amy, a Wrap-n-lift user.

Abellard is offering five perks in exchange for a contribution. For as little as $5 to $18, investors can receive their choice of a Wrap-n-lift; the higher the donation, the greater the perk: receive four packages containing nine strips per package for an $18 donation. One-dollar donations are accepted as well. Investors will have until Nov. 1 to contribute to the project. Who wouldn’t see the practicality of a Wrap-n-lift?

About Wrap-n-lift
Wrap-n-lift is a simple and germ-free solution to lifting and lowering the toilet seat. Its thin design allows for easy attachment and comfortable positioning. To contribute or to learn more about the Wrap-n-lift, go to the Indiegogo project page at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wrapnlift.