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Investigative Service Launched to Help Real Estate Developers Make the Right Choice when Purchasing Real Estate

The new business assists real estate developers purchasing property in different markets perform advanced due diligence to determine if the purchase is a good fit. The service also extends to everyday people looking to purchase items on sites such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.


Tallahassee, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2016 --A new service has been launched that provides real estate developers with a valuable tool when considering buying their new property. The service called 'Your Boots On The Ground', provides a property purchaser with the investigative information they require to make an informed decision on whether to purchase a property or not.

Property developers often buy investments without seeing them, which can be due to being busy or not being in the location at the time of purchase. When a property developer does not have the right information at hand, it could turn into a bad investment. Unlike private property purchasers who buy a property to turn into a home, investors buy a large number of properties where each mistake and bad purchase eats into their profits. 'Your Boots On The Ground', is a service that helps reduce a property developers bad investment by doing all the ground work for them and looking at the property as well as the area. The service can provide a detailed report and pictures to give the investor a detailed insight into the investment.

There are three services on offer, The Your Boots On The Ground ULTD package, the Pro Report Plan, and the Basic Report Plan. Each package is designed to suit the client's needs. The Your Boots On The Ground ULTD package provides the client with a detailed report, which provides the investor with all the information they need, helping them achieve a good investment.

A spokesman for Your Boots On The Ground said: "The service is an important tool for investors. It provides them with the information they need to determine if the purchase is right for them. A lot of investors purchase a property by looking at the image of the property without looking at the actual area, which could result in a bad investment."

The new service has already gained positive reviews from clients. It's not just limited to real estate investors; it is also available for people wishing to purchase a property for a home, or someone wishing to purchase a business or even a product such as a motorcar.

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About Your Boots On The Ground
Your Boots On The Ground provides a service that allows an investor to gain all the information they need before making a purchase.