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Investment Properties in Baltimore Produce Huge 30% Returns as Company Also Fights Human Trafficking

Alive Investments, LLC reports a record setting year for investor clients. Investors are seeing consistent returns of 30% on their Real Estate Investments. Alive Investments has also committed to sending 10% of all company profits to organizations that are fighting human trafficking.


Baltimore, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2015 --Although recent events in Baltimore have deterred some away from investing in the area, the Real Estate Market in Baltimore is booming greater than ever. Many areas throughout Baltimore are undergoing an incredible revitalization process. With significant expansion underway from Johns Hopkins, Under Armour, and Morgan Stanley, as well as a rise in federal jobs the area is poised for significant growth. According to CNN Money, Baltimore is one of the 10 hottest Real Estate Markets in the nation and home prices are predicted to grow by 8% in the next year.

Alive Investments started its journey in Baltimore, MD and in a short period of time it has expanded to different parts of Florida, including Ft.Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach as well as Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Chicago, New York, Long Island, and more.

Alive Investments has exploded into the national spotlight throughout the Real Estate Investment community. In an ever evolving market filled with ups and downs Alive Investments clients are consistently seeing returns of 30% or more on their investments. With over 20 years of experience in Real Estate investing, their team is leading the way when it comes to helping thousands of real estate investors across the nation to find deeply discounted investment properties in Baltimore. Their speciality is in locating properties that produce significant cash flow. They do this with incredible precision, locating hundreds of distressed properties that are located in highly sought after rental areas. They send their experienced team of licensed contractors in to turn something ugly into something beautiful.

The company's leadership team is committed to providing the absolute highest level of customer service with a dedicated team that is highly skilled and well organized. In an effort to provide a complete turn-key solution to their investors, Alive Investments also provides property management and tenant placement. Investors who are looking build a highly profitable portfolio that will produce significant income for many years to come can confidently rely on the Alive Investments team.

The average investment is about $50,000, according to Sean Wrench Alive Investments CEO and President. With properties renting for about $1300.00 a month it only takes a few short years to recoup your investment. In only 10 years this property will produce an income of $156,000.

Incredibly Real Estate is not the only thing Alive Investments cares about. CEO and President, Sean Wrench, is extremely passionate about impacting the issue of Human Trafficking. In fact Sean started and ran a non profit organization for 7 years that helped minor victims of human trafficking in the United States.

Alive Investments is committed to impacting this issue and as a company has committed to providing funding to organizations in the U.S. and abroad that are working to rescue human trafficking victims.

Their goal is to have an office in every major city in the United States within the next 5 years, and to be giving away 1 million dollars a year to fight human trafficking. "Our goal is to help fund the implementation of safe houses all across the country to rescue and restore minors who are forced into human trafficking." said Sean Wrench, CEO and President. According to Wrench their are about 300,000 minor victims of human trafficking in the United States alone, and there only exists about 400 beds in the entire nation to help these children. Alive Investments will be working closely with Sandy Skelaney, Chief Mastermind at the Ignition Fund in Miami, FL. Skelaney is one the nation's leading experts when it comes to innovative ways to fight human trafficking.

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Alive Investments is a national full service Real Estate Investment firm. They have purchased and sold over 2500 properties worth over 125 million dollars which include rental homes, fix-n-flips, foreclosures, REO's, multi-family, and short sales.

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