National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week

Invisible Illness Week Team Offers Free Ebook of 263 Tips

20 Experts share their best tips about living with a chronic illness, from coping with illness and relationship tips to travel and homeschooling.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/01/2010 -- National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is September 13-19, 2010. A free 80-page ebook is now available for download to anyone who signs up for daily updates from the web site .

"Chronic Illness Tips: 263 Ways To Do More Than Just Get By" is by Invisible Illness Week founder, Lisa Copen and friends. Friends include chronic illness career specialist Rosalind Joffe, relationship expert and best-selling author Pam Farrel, advocacy authority Jennifer Jaff, and illness advocate Jenni Prokopy of ChronicBabe.

Over 20 contributors share their best tips to live successfully with chronic illness on a variety of topic. "These experts are people who have the credentials," says author Lisa Copen, "but more importantly, they have experienced illness themselves or health issues of someone close to them. Their tips come from the experience of living with the challenges illness gives us." The chapters include coping tools, relationship issues, career, faith, and practical tips, from traveling with an illness to homeschooling. There are also many tips on how to encourage someone who lives with a chronic illness.

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is an annual event that features a free virtual conference online 9/13-17 with speakers each morning 10:30 - 12 USA Pacific time. There are a variety of ways a person can get involved including blogging for the cause, completing the Meme "30 Things You May Not Know About My Invisible Illness", or joining the campaign on Facebook.

With nearly 1 in 2 people living with a chronic condition, about 96% of those people are suffering silently with invisible illnesses.

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