IoTurn Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Introduce iScale, the Ultra Scalable and Modular App-Controlled IoT Scale

iScale is an app-controlled IoT scale based on a highly scalable and modular DIY architecture that is designed to help consumers set up a ubiquitously accessible weight monitoring system in a very customizable way. The creators are looking to raise $9,000 via Kickstarter to bring this high-quality product to the market.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2017 --An ultra modular IoT scale, iScale was designed by two high school students as a part of their school project. The creators claim that this is the world's most scalable and modular weight measurement system, capable of weighing from one gram to hundreds of kilograms by connecting multiple load cells depending on the the items to weigh. A Kickstarter campaign will be launched on August 30, 2017 to raise $9,000 for this project.

The functional capability of iScale is based on a durable, high precision load cell sensor that can be grouped and connected in many different ways. When connected, a group of load cells functions as one IoT scale. If the users forget where a particular iScale module is placed, they can re-scan with the app via Bluetooth and re-identify the modules easily. Utilizing just one Bluetooth router, multiple iScale units can be managed and connected to the server.

The most important functional features of iScale include

- Ubiquitous: When connected to the Internet, iScale uploads the weight information to the server that can be accessed from anywhere in real time via the app.

- Portable: iScale is thin and light enough to be carried in the pocket. Therefore, it can be easily deployed for temporary needs or mobile use.

- Flexibility: Users can instantly set the type of items you want to put on iScale and the weight of each unit of item, using the iScale app.

- Modularity: In order to weigh larger and heavier objects, the users can combine multiple iScale sensors to function as a single scale. The combined units are seen as one in the app.

- Architecture: iScale is a user-friendly DIY platform.

Since the start of this project in March 2016, the creators of iScale have come a long way. At present, they are looking for funding support to continue the development of iScale.

Highlighting the need for funding, creator Eric Youn mentions, "At first, we started this project at our school club in March of 2016 to prepare for the school invention expo. We worked hard on our project, and continued developing. At last we won the first place. We thought it was a pity to stop this project. So our team decided to start a business venture with this project. Now, we are trying to launch this project on Kickstarter. We need your help."

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About iScale
iScale is an ultra modular IoT scale designed by two high school students as part of their school project. Controlled by a scalable and modular app, it has been designed to to help consumers set up a ubiquitously accessible weight monitoring system in a very customizable way.