Irresistible, Clandestine Seduction: Professional, Provocative, 54-year Old Woman Attempts the Same As Clinton, Spitzer and Edwards

In a new SUPER-DRAMATIC novel, the dubious heroine temporarily tames her powerful obsession for fame and glamour by seeking a young lover—meeting hundreds of men half her age on FIRST BLIND-DATES, ALONE, at her apartment.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2009 -- Readers on the lookout for enduring, super-dramatic and profound stories about women’s struggles for meaning and fulfillment are about to witness the extravagant imagination of Linda Leven, the much-recognized, written-about Tanyth Berkeley model from the 2007 MoMA New York new photographers show.

Linda’s novel, The Impassioned Escapades of Caroline W., has just been published by Xlibris. A woman who dances to her own symphony and also looks the part, Linda actually met over 3,000 men in a 10-year odyssey to spice up her banal existence as she strove for her goal of … what else? … like so many today … FAME and CELEBRITY. Breast cancer, however, instantly brought the curtain down!

Caroline Windsor, the novel’s heroine, educated, cultured, professional, even at the age of fifty-four cannot accept the fact that she is an insignificant “nobody.” She has only one ambition and destination in life: to be famous and acclaimed by the world for some exceptional, inimitable achievement. In a race with time, she is a driven, obsessed woman, still striving for her life of fame, glamour and glory. The dream—that of a young person—relentlessly torments her, but losing it means losing her justification for existing.

Unsuccessful, but believing herself only temporarily thwarted in her quest, Caroline devises an imaginative plan to seek a temporary substitute goal: TO INDULGE in a PASSIONATE LOVE AFFAIR WITH a YOUNG MAN who will worship her, thrill her, and breathe life and fire into her tedious, sterile existence until she can finally achieve her world fame. With this plan in hand, Caroline embarks on what becomes an 11 year odyssey seeking her impassioned lover -- MEETING HUNDREDS of YOUNG MEN on FIRST BLIND-DATES, ALONE at her ritzy Fifth Avenue apartment.

What happens when an expectant, eager young fellow enters Caroline’s apartment … she, the older, sexy woman seeking the fiery, no-strings love affair, and he, hoping to get the part? Does Caroline ever find her fame or is she waylaid, tangled in the ecstasy, turmoil, and sheer recklessness of all her young, impetuous lovers?

The book is a light-hearted, delicious romp of SUPER-DRAMATIC TALES with unique philosophical and psychological insights into love, sex, life, and the continual turbulence between the sexes.

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About the Author
Linda Leven holds a B.A. and M.A. degree in mathematics from New York University and is a retired IBMer, having worked for that company over twenty years as a systems software developer and programmer. Studying ballet from the age of five, she originally came to New York hoping to dance with the New York City Ballet. Currently, Linda lives in New York, is an amateur day trader, actress/photography model and graphics artist. Her art is displayed on her website,

The Impassioned Escapades of Caroline W. * by Linda Leven

Publication Date: Sept 30, 2008
Trade Paperback; $18.99; 515 pages; ISBN13: 978-1-4363-5823-1
Cloth Hardback; $26.99; 515 pages; ISBN13: 978-1-4363-5824-8
Subject: FICTION / Romance / General
Xlibris Book Number: 50149

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