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Is an in-Store Mattress Test Enough? Mattress Journal's Latest Article Says No

Mattress Journal, a blog on beds and industry news, examines the subject of in-store mattress tests, and asks whether they are enough to choose the right bed.


Wichita, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2014 --Looking to buy a new mattress soon? The latest article from Mattress Journal takes a look at the showroom experience and explains why some popularly held beliefs prevent shoppers from getting better sleep. Published June 5, the article titled, “Is an In-Store Mattress Test Enough?,” focuses on the popularized notion that showroom mattress tests are the most important part of choosing a comfortable bed.

Many people experience difficulty choosing a new bed, and buyer’s remorse is not entirely uncommon, with some surveys estimating up to 40% of shoppers experience regret. A mattress is a deeply personal decision, and it can be difficult to compare beds and choose one that will prove comfortable night after night.

Mattress Journal draws on a study from research group RTI which found that people had difficulty choosing a comfortable bed in a typical mattress showroom study. Participants were asked to choose their preferred bed, and also tried the other models for several weeks each. Based on surveys and scientific testing, they found that very few people actually selected the bed that ultimately proved the most comfortable.

Aside from the fact the a full night of sleep differs from a few minutes of testing, the blog explains a few other potential reasons that showroom testing may not be sufficient. From sales pressure and discomfort to research and selection, the case is made that the mattress showroom experience can actually make selecting the best mattress difficult.

In the article, Mattress Journal also offers eight helpful tips consumers can employ when shopping. From the importance of return policies to tips on how to shop and compare beds online, the guide aims to equip readers to make wiser choices and prevent buyer’s remorse. Readers are invited to participate in a satisfaction poll as well. Mattress Journal’s website also offers several other guides on beds and articles on sleep and industry news for interested readers.

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