Is Hide My Ass Really Worth the Money - We Expose This VPN Service


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2013 --Barry recommends, “There are a lot of cowboys out there. Please use a reputable VPN service such as Hide My Ass in order to avoid disappointment.

“I Highly Recommend You Use the Hide My Ass VPN Service”

Barry Price gets asked to take a thorough look at numerous security services every single month. One of the more popular VPN services out there is Hide My Ass. Barry mentioned, “You guys haven’t stopped emailing me this year. Constantly asking me whether or not Hide My Ass was worth the money! I finally took the time to do one of my thorough reviews of the product”.

“1000s of IPs at a Bargain Price”

Barry Price seemed somewhat started by what Hide My Ass was offering. “I just couldn’t believe how cheap this product was”. Barry continued to stare at the screen in disbelief. “Most VPN services only offer a few IP addresses. Hide My Ass currently give you access to nearly 60,000 IP addresses in over 60 countries”.

“Insanely Cheap”

Barry spent some time looking at the product trying to find the inevitable catch 22 but he could not find one. “At just $11.52 a month you get so much for your money. I was really expecting there to be some sort of minimum contract, but you can cancel Hide My Ass whenever you want!”

“Blisteringly Fast”

Barry quite excitedly began testing the speed of the Hide My Ass VPN. “I love testing the speed of these things, it’s often where they fail!” he blurted out excitedly. “Again, I was shocked. Using the closest connection I managed to get over 50Mbit/s on my home connection.”

Barry rounded up by stating, “For the price, features and speed I don’t think I can recommend any other vpn service. Hide My Ass is just too good.”

If you wish to visit the official Hide my Ass website you can do so by clicking the link below:

Hide My Ass Official Website.

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