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Is Hurricane Sandy Mold Still Growing in NYC Schools

New York City Schools Expected to Experience Mold Issues as the New School Year Gets Under Way Report Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2013 --So it is back to school for students all across New York City starting in the next two to three weeks and one major problem that some schools were experiencing even at the close of the previous school year was mold growth caused by the contaminated waters of Hurricane Sandy. Along with the intense rainfall and wind damage that ensued during the Super storm, even further structural damage was incurred by some schools around NYC. The fierce wind damage caused even more of a problem with water damage from rainwater leaking through roofs that had shingles or panels ripped off, to water trickling or even pouring into the walls of these schools, all the way into the school’s basements, compounding the already horrendous water damage and flood damage caused by the contaminated flood waters of Hurricane Sandy.

One NY state representative from Rockaway Beach, Philip Goldfeder, stated – “ It’s outrageous that seven months after the storm, we’re still finding out there’s still health hazards in our schools. They (meaning other public officials) need to do a more extensive study to ensure they’ve found it all.”


The reason for this statement was based off of NYC city officials giving the green light for students to re-enter a school that was still growing mold throughout the first, second, and third floors of the public middle school located on Cronston Ave. in Belle Harbor, NY. According to the supposed city official’s experts that came in to conduct a complete building inspection of this particular school, they stated that the water damage and mold issue came from a problematic and leaky radiator and not derived from the school being under five plus feet of contaminated Hurricane Sandy flood waters.

Many parents at the close of the last school year were already irate over the fact that officials allowed their children back into these hazardous, unsanitary, and unhealthy conditions stating that they were not sure if they would even allow their children to go back to that school or any other public school for that matter.

With dwindling education and public service budgets already stretched to their limits, along with emergency and federal aid being sucked dry, many parents, teachers, and school officials are at crossroads with what they can do to help improve the conditions in which their children and students will have to endure at the beginning of this fast approaching new school year.

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