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Oradell, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/19/2024 --The team at Phoenix Tape & Supply hear a lot of different questions, but one of the more common questions is if paper tape is just as strong as plastic tape. Paper tape, often made from recyclable materials, has gained traction as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic tape. Contrary to common misconceptions, paper tape is not flimsy or fragile; in fact, it boasts impressive tensile strength and durability. And in the end, whether organizations go with custom paper tape or custom poly packing tape will really depend on what sort of packages they are sealing up as well as other intangibles.

Custom paper tape features a water-activated adhesive that forms a strong bond with cardboard surfaces, ensuring secure sealing for packages. Paper tape is a sustainable option for lightweight to medium-weight packages, providing a natural and rustic look. And one of the more important options, printing on the custom paper tape, provides an end result that has sharp details. Custom paper tape comes in two grades that can be used for light to medium duty use for packages up to 30 pounds in weight for the lighter grade and over 30 pounds for the heavy-duty grade. Paper tape requires a paper tape dispensing machine to wet the adhesive and cut the tape to the needed length.

Plastic tape is the other option that is on the table and should not be counted out as it has a number of positive attributes as well. Custom poly packing tape offers exceptional strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of shipments. This plastic tape is resistant to water and abrasion, ensuring that packages remain secure and intact even under challenging conditions. Plastic tapes come in smaller rolls that fit on to a hand-held tape dispenser.

In many cases, there is no clear-cut answer on choosing custom paper tape or custom poly packing tape. Each offers different strengths and weaknesses, some of which may apply to certain circumstances and others may not. Custom paper tape has the ability to be recycled (minus the fiberglass threads) where custom poly packing tape does not. Paper tape needs a dispensing machine at a shipping station while plastic tapes can be applied anywhere with the hand-held tape dispenser. With all of the different factors for each kind of tape, plus what unique requirements an organization has, the right answer will be different for each organization.

Custom paper tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply can be the ideal solution for many different commercial uses while also providing the branding needs that a business desires. They can handle light to medium duty packages well, just like the custom poly packing tape can. However, the need for a permanent shipping station with the dispenser machine might be an issue. Talk with their team today about all of the different aspects to each of these custom tapes to determine which is right for an organization.

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