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Is the Flash Lamp Effective for Hair Removal?


Costa Mesa, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2011 --There are many people who have unwanted hair and look for procedures that are simple yet effective to remove them. One such procedure to remove hair is the flash lamp. The Flash Lamp is a method that uses Xenon flash lamps that has been used by people all over the world. Actually, the Xenon flash lamp was the energy source used with laser beams that were initially used to treat skin and eye disorders. Various studies with these flash lamps have determined that it was also effective for hair removal.

How it Works
The flash lamp uses a full-spectrum of lights in conjunction with low-range filtered infrared radiation emitting a specific wavelength that is flashed onto the skin. This process uses a hand held device with the filtered light that targets the dark material in the hair pigment which causes both mechanical and thermal damage to the follicle and has no effect on the tissue around the area. These differ from laser light in that they use an Intense Pulsed Light and Intense Light Source that cover more area than the laser models.

There are several advantages that flash lamps offer for hair removal such as Flash Lamps are very effective to remove hair in larger areas including the back, chests, or legs, and the effects last for a significantly longer time. Some people find the effects are permanent, and in many cases, the treatment is very safe (provided it is properly performed). Another advantage is that it’s more effective for people with dark skin and light skin, and another benefit is that if the hair grows back, it’s generally lighter in color and much finer in texture.

Of course with every treatment for hair removal, there are some disadvantages with the main one being that it is not as effective with blondes, red heads, or those with grey hair, and has been found to be somewhat ineffective on darker skinned people or those who are significantly tanned. Some people find the treatment to be very painful, and particularly when Technologists who are not well-trained with the flash lamp, patients can find they have painful lesions, discoloration of the skin, and even burns when it’s improperly used. As a final disadvantage, it can be very expensive for those patients who are plagued with hirsutism or hypertrichosis.

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