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Is the Jesper Watch Kickstarter a Joke


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2016 --The Jesper Kickstarter campaigned launched 12:01AM EST on Friday April 1st, 2016. Check out the campaign, here.

You ask your friend what time it is. Instead of looking at their expensive watch, they pull out their iPhone. We don't use watches to tell time anymore. So cut the fluff. Wear a Jesper. It's timeless.

The Jesper watch lets its defined polished looks do its explaining as to why it's a staple of modern fashion. Opting out of telling time altogether, the Jesper leaves room for only the essentials that make this watch the statement that it is. The Jesper is no joke in terms of specs. Featuring a heavy 316L stainless steel watch case enclosed in sapphire crystal glass (just like the Apple watch) and a genuine leather strap, the Jesper does look good. Then again it can't tell time. So there's that.

Are you ready to make a statement without making a statement? You can pre-order your own Jesper today. The watch costs $79 (versus $99 retail). You can order the version with an extra charcoal grey strap and desert sand tan strap for $89. Have a friend who wears a fancy watch they can't even read? The Jesper might be the perfect gift. The Jesper ships anywhere in the world. Jesper Watch is a Boston company.

Contact Jason Kowalski, the founder and co-president of Jesper Watch at

Common questions:

Q: Is the Jesper Watch a real product?
A: Yes

Q: How did you get the idea for the watch?
We're two brothers with experience in product management and manufacturing. Last December we asked a good friend wearing an extravagant watch for the time. 5 seconds passed and the friend still could not figure out the time. We realized that in the age of the iPhone, the ability to tell time is a superfluous watch feature. Jesper – the timeless watch – was born.

Q: How long will the Kickstarter run?
A: 30 days starting April 1st.

Q: What problem are you solving?
A: Excess. Everyone is checking their phone for the time these days; we figured that we could turn the watch into what it was always meant to be - timeless.

Q: How do you ensure that a user will not get bored of the Jesper watch after a few days?
A: When we wear our Jespers around town we get a lot of people thinking. Everyone is curious. That's empowering. People don't want to stop having that feeling.