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Is the Life of a Child Worth $1 to You

A local non-profit organization wants Georgia Gives Day 11-13-13 to be a day for babies. Inadequate Diaper Supply Linked To Child Abuse, Depression


Duluth, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/21/2013 --Diapers are a basic necessity for a child and play a key role in a baby’s health and well-being but diapers are expensive. According to the Real Diaper Association, a child will use approximately 2,000 diapers up to the age of two; this equates to around $1,200.00 to $2,400.00 annually and has parents taking risky measures to stretch their diaper supply.

Diapers are considered a hygiene items so there isn’t any government assistance programs designated to help with these costs. While cloth diapers may be an option, they require an initial investment of money that many low-income families can’t afford. Cloth diapers must be cleaned, and many poor people don't have washing machines. Public laundries frequently prohibit customers from cleaning diapers. Most child care facilities won't allow parents to drop off children without an accompanying supply of disposable diapers which can prevent mothers from working or going to school, compelling families to remain mired in poverty.

“It is difficult to imagine that any parent would want to reuse a wet diaper, but the fact remains that 1 in 20 Americans struggling to purchase diapers admit they have cleaned out or reused a wet or soiled diaper. And in poor and low-income families, a baby can spend a day or longer in one diaper, leading to potential health risks and abuse. One baby abused is too many said Charmelle Scott Executive Director of BusiNeighbor Inc. This is an incredible opportunity for Georgians to create a community of healthy and safe babies. We want to use Georgia Gives Day to be a voice for babies and bring awareness to this very serious need.”

Supporters living within and outside of Georgia wishing to save a baby and rescue a family are welcomed to participate in Georgia Gives Day. Please visit https://gagivesday.org/c/GGD/a/BusiNeighbor to make a donation.

Georgia Gives Day is on November 13, 2013. Georgia Gives Day is a collaboration of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) in partnership with participating nonprofits, state agencies, corporations and businesses, associations, foundations and public relations and advertising firms.

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BusiNeighbor Inc. is a Georgia-based 501(c) (3) organization. BusiNeighbor Inc.’s philanthropic efforts include assistance to anyone those in need: homeless, single parents, elderly, and veterans. BusiNeighbor Inc. partners with a host of local organizations to foster a relationship based on compassion for a fellow neighbor.