ISA Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Start Production of Sense

Sense allows users to control their home, pool, boat, or camper using their phone from anywhere without the internet. Creator ISA is looking to introduce the product to the general public.


Bratislava, Slovakia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2016 --Sense is a universal remote control that functions without an internet connection. It can be used to change the temperature of anything that has power to heat and cold. It also turns the lights on and off when nobody is present in a house. Sense can also help turn on an air conditioner from a remote location. Out of the many applications for Sense, the most important ones include remote alarm monitoring, controlling various electrical devices like outdoor garden fountains, security lighting, fans and so much more.

Some key features of Sense include:

- A free and easy to use mobile application that works with multiple devices.
- Designed to operate with standard caravan / motor home / boat / home / pool / spa electrical systems.
- Embedded thermostat with smart mode for heating and cooling including custom timers.
- Lots of additional functionalities (GPS & GLONASS module, 2x power relay output independent control, alarm input).

Sense universal remote control is controlled via a mobile application that utilizes SMS commands to exchange information between Sense and a mobile phone. Without using the internet, Sense can be accessed in areas such as mountains, lakes or other inaccessible areas through the use of text messaging which all of us are accustomed to using every day. Temperature measurement is handled by Sense using precise digital temperature sensors in a small waterproof case. Users have the option to set the required hysteresis and measure two temperatures.

Sense is a reality and has been tested in homes, boats and campers across Europe. Now, ISA is looking to introduce this useful product in North America. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to cover all expenses for this project. The funding goal of this campaign is $75,000.

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