ISAT LLC to Disrupt Internet Services Industry with New App Suite and Big Vision


Harker Heights, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2018 --ISAT LLC has just completed their flagship app, ISAT NEWS, which is designed to revolutionize the way people use the internet, making it faster, easier to access from anywhere, and cheaper. ISAT NEWS is already built with the company's second application, ISAT SPORTS in development with an expected completion date of September 2019.

No longer will consumers have to settle for high cost and slow speeds if they want to enjoy the expansive availability of satellite internet services.

Created by long-time satellite communications expert, Kadin Loehr, ISAT NEWS and ISAT SPORTS provide incredibly fast access to information, allowing users to get the sports scores and unfiltered news they want, instantly. Loehr built his career and gained recognition as he worked for Directv, served as a Satellite Communications Operator for the US Army, and then headed the Satellite Uplink and Downlink process for Sirius XM.

The apps are designed to work with the Iridium satellite network and will provide fast internet at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives – fiber, cable, and DSL.

Normally, satellite internet is slower because of the time it takes to beam signals to and from a satellite in outer space. However, it offers the greatest potential availability because it can work anywhere. What ISAT LLC has done, is to create text-only apps to allow for lightning fast speeds.

"I have always looked at the slow satellite internet and wondered how I could make it better… [The] text medium is such a low data service, anyone can load news and sports fast," says Loehr.

In order to raise money to invest in the marketing and to cover data fees and continuing development, ISAT LLC has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. They also need funding to invest in a satellite earth terminal, which can cost between $100,000 and $500,000.

ISAT LLC doesn't plan to stop with ISAT NEWS and ISAT SPORTS. Loehr's vision is to harness the expansive potential of satellite to make high quality, fast satellite internet available to more people, no matter where they are located. With what ISAT LLC is planning, people will have uninterrupted access to the information, communications, and entertainment they want – someone could even sail around the world and watch Netflix the entire time.

This has far-reaching positive implications for the global community as it will bring fast, cheap satellite internet to people in areas without access, arming more communities, such as those in rural areas or underserviced regions of the world, with the power of information and communications.

To help make this a reality, and to take advantage of low-cost, fast news and sports through the ISAT LLC apps, backers can contribute to the campaign and receive one of the perks offered, which include an exclusive ISAT LLC t-shirt, a discounted one-year subscription, and a discounted Iridium Go network to set up personal satellite services.

To find out more about ISAT NEWS and ISAT SPORTS or to contribute to the campaign, visit the ISAT LLC Indiegogo page: