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ISO 9000 Certification Is Now Affordable for Small Business

With a combination of online and hybrid online ISO consulting, ISO 9000 Certification is now affodable for small businesses. Businesses can now become ISO certified in as little as four months for under $5,000.


Lewisburg, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2014 --Small businesses seeking ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9000 certification now have an affordable alternative through the website of the Core Business Solutions, Inc., Helping more than 150 businesses a year become ISO 9000 certified, Core Business Solutions provides affordable answers with online and on-site options, which enable certification in as little as four months.

ISO 9000 is a series of standards that describe, verify and give proof to your customers that your business possesses a successful method of creating and delivering goods and services. Worldwide, over 1.5 million businesses are ISO certified. Traditionally, high cost hinders businesses from obtaining this certification. That’s where Core Business Solutions enters the picture.

Maybe you seek a crucial time crunch due to an imminent client contract, which is dependent upon ISO 9000 certification by your business. If your company is small, you might not be able to afford the cost of paying for on-site ISO 9000 consultation. Through the Core Solution’s 4x4 Online ISO Consulting Program®, you can receive two online certification support options giving you the following:

-The ability to achieve ISO 9000 certification in four months, or less.
-Step-by-step guidance, training and auditing.
-The inclusion of all ISO 9000 documents and requirements.
-A thorough 16-week project plan for certification completion.
-Four affordable payments starting at $625 per month.

The key to assistance from Core Business Solutions in helping your small business get ISO certified is the boost experienced in your company’s performance, which customers notice. It’s not just about “checking a box” next to ISO 9000 certification. Our “CORE ISO Values” of 1) making it matter, 2) making it work, and 3) making it last, are key priorities intrinsic to boosting your company’s certification success and giving you positive results that go beyond a document framed in your office lobby.

An added, unique advantage for Core Business Solutions, Inc. is that Scott Dawson, president and co-founder of the company, is also an active member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO Technical Committee 176 (TC 176), a group in charge of revising ISO standards. This gives us the knowledge of upcoming ISO standard changes and the ability to proactively develop innovative programs and improved products for your small business.

ISO Consultants from Core Business Solutions are experienced, as indicated by these customer testimonials:

“Core Business Solutions has helped our company accomplish our goal of becoming ISO 9000 certified. Their knowledge and expertise truly made the entire experience wonderful.”

About Ashley Morrell, Bosshardt Property Management
“Core Business Solutions delivered my company a quality service that exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with the overall experience.”
Philip Sage, STS Consulting Services

When you need ISO 9000 certification that is affordable to your small business, the online solutions of Core Business Solutions are your best answer. We would enjoy hearing from you.

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