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Isolation IQ Offers IT Troubleshooting Management Online Course to Build a Highly Efficient Technical Team

Designed by Noel Temena, an IT analyst with 20 years of experience, Isolation IQ offers an online course for IT troubleshooting management. The course is designed to help managers build a quality technical team that can identify IT problems efficiently with a standardized approach.


Hercules, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2014 --Raising confidence and productivity levels for IT teams Isolation IQ launches an online education course that takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting. The course provides 16 lectures and 2.5 hours of content education that elevates the skill set of every member of a manager’s technical team. Providing training for a process with specialized procedures, the online course helps technicians learn how to identify problems at their core. Noel Temena, Founder of Isolation IQ said of the IT training course, “Too many times technicians focus on fixing the problem rather than identifying it. Depending on their skill set, they often go on an exploratory process that’s too often guided by emotional reactions. That tact is nearly impossible to manage. With our online course we give managers and their teams the tools they need with a more standardized approach.”

Teaching managers and their teams how to isolate components particular to their work environments the IT Troubleshooting Management Online Course is optimal for learning technical deduction. The course materials are designed to transform a team’s knowledge base into a practical tool complete with documentation on the most effective ways to identify an IT problem. With that clear approachability, the online course is an exceptional resource for predictable problem resolution.

Section one of the online course covers troubleshooting basics, principles, model and skill set components. The next section provides education in team assembly with information about how to screen job applicants complete with a job questionnaire. Section three covers training a team. This third module discusses objectives and ten drills specific to the products used in the team’s work environment. Sections four and five contains the whys and hows of working troubleshooting tools and the means to efficiently build them to suit hands on needs. Rounding out the offerings is education on how to predict problem resolution and skill standardization.

About Isolation IQ
Isolation IQ was founded by Noel Temena to offer online education for IT Troubleshooting Management. The online course provides a curriculum whereby troubleshooting is taught as a skill a technician can acquire. Making problem identification a structured process, Isolation IQ has created the standardization of troubleshooting for optimum performance by technical teams.

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