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Isy B. Shoes Launches Shoe Shopping Directory for Women with Big Feet


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2014 --In a fast fashion world where it seems every interest group and physical type from petite to plus-size is catered for, women with big feet stand out as a fashion minority. Why does no one still seem to care about women with big feet?

The problem of having big feet has long been ignored or worse still, been the butt of a thousand unfunny and surely politically-incorrect jokes.

The biggest fashion complaint for many women with big feet, from Hollywood’s biggest celebrities to lesser mortals, is being unable to find shoes that fit. Missy Franklin, Olympic Swimming Champion who appeared to receive as much attention for her size 13 feet as she did for her Olympic prowess during the 2012 games, revealed; “I’m proud of my size 13 feet. They’re definitely hard to find shoes for — which isn’t the best and I hate going shoe shopping. Everything is so cute and nothing ever fits (laughs).”

Other celebrity members of the big feet club include some of the most highly influential women of our time Michelle Obama (size 11.5), and Oprah Winfrey (size 11). Even major style icons Cate Blanchett (size11), Nicole Kidman (size 11) and Kate Winslet (size 11) fall into this category.

Wealthy socialite and heiress Paris Hilton (size 11) was so bored of being unable to find shoes she wanted to wear that she set up her Paris Hilton shoe label.

Why is shoe shopping for women with big feet still such a problem?

Isy B. Shoes is introducing a novel way to address the issue and empower the community of big-footed women to help each other with the launch of the ultimate shoe-shopping directory for women with big feet.

According to founder Isy Obi, “The most common complaint we hear from women with big feet is not knowing where to find the shoes that they need. The Isy B. Shoes directory has been created to help improve the experience of shopping for shoes in larger sizes.”

Often, having big size feet is only a part of the problem. With additional issues like having wide or narrow feet, foot health complaints or even just having a tiny budget to work with. It’s no surprise that so many women who wear non-standard shoe sizes struggle with shoe shopping.

The mainstream fashion industry has historically taken little interest in women with big feet, leaving many women feeling powerless, frustrated, and unloved when it comes to shoe shopping.

After 3 years of blogging for and interacting online with thousands of women with big feet, Obi realized that women with big feet have more in common than frustration in shopping for shoes that fit. Years of trying to make lemonade from the shoe lemons they’ve had to endure means that many women, Obi herself included, have a wealth of shoe shopping intelligence about shopping for big feet, which, if shared, would instantly improve the experience of shoe shopping for the entire community.

Obi enthuses, “We are empowering women with big feet to help themselves and each other in their search for the perfect shoes.”

The next time you need to find that perfect pair of shoes in size 11 to size 16, you’ll have access to hundreds of shoe retailers who carry shoes in larger sizes in the Isy B. Shoes shopping directory. Search by size, budget, width, occasion and more to find the specific shoes you need.

Save Money on Shoes
When it comes to finding good quality shoes that fit, owning big feet can get expensive. Forget about shopping at vintage or thrift stores and regular shoe sales are often a non-event.

Isy B. Shoes is partnering with well-known large size shoe brands and retailers to get great exclusive discounts and offers for the Isy B. Shoes community.

According to Obi, “The support from the retailers for the shoe directory project has been encouraging with support from well-known brands like Long Tall Sally, Upper Street Shoes, and Shoesissima among others.”

This a project created from the heart and women with big feet can spread the love and pay it forward by adding new stores to the directory and writing reviews to share shoe-shopping insider information to help other women with large size feet find their perfect shoes.

“The response from the community has been positive and we look forward to the continuing growth of the shoe shopping directory, powered by the hearts and strength of our active community of women with big feet.”

About Isy B. Shoes
Isy B. Shoes is the shoe shopping resource site dedicated to making shopping better for women with big feet.

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