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It Is Here, the Time to Give to Those Who Are Hard to Buy For

The Time to Consider the Top Ten Gift Ideas That Can be Found Around the Country.


North Dighton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2020 --Black Friday Is just around the corner and a majority of holiday gifts will be bought in a matter of minutes. Then every day after that most people spend their time on their list of those who are hard to buy for. The quiet dads, working moms and everyone else who makes our gift buying process difficult. Those who are most difficult are the friends and family members who are locked away in prison . There are many different prisons around the country and each one has their own set of rules when it comes to what can be received by those inside. There is no set standard in print anywhere that can guide those on the outside, so they can know what is expected.

Families who are tasked with the heavy burden of finding a gift for a prisoner this year are now in luck. This year with all the new restrictions on society and our prisons, companies from all over have come to the rescue with advanced shipping procedures and online shopping. Yet none have advanced as well as Freebird Publishers. Freebird Publishers has spent years catering to the needs of prisoners and their families. They have set into motion a method for shipping acceptable gifts to the people who are incarcerated and even have a method of shopping online. They have perfected a long list of gift ideas that are guaranteed acceptable in any prison. Those who have prisoners on their shopping list this year can find a gift for any prisoner in the Inmate Shopper. The one and only gift, products and services book published only by Freebird Publishers.

Inside the Inmate Shopper you can find gifts for inmates that include:

- educational courses
- books of all kinds
- writers tips
- publishing packages
- reentry courses
- self-improvement courses
- cell block cookbooks
- puzzles, entertainment and more.

For more information about the Inmate Shopper and the top ten gifts for inmates, visit:

About Freebird Publishers
Freebird Publishers ( is headquartered in North Dighton, Massachusetts (MA). They serve the entire United States and international locations. They have earned the confidence of prisoners and their families nationwide by being a leader in the business of providing necessary information and specialized publishing services to inmates and their loved ones since 2013. Freebird Publishers provides a full listing of the hundreds of services available to prisoners in their detailed catalog, the "Inmate Shopper". For more information about the "Inmate Shopper" and the tools it provides that an inmate can use to make their incarceration productive visit: or send a direct email to:, also available to inmates through use of prisoner email systems.