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Its Now Time to Say GoodBye to the Scratches on Polycarbonate Products with Hard Coating from Excelite

Excelite Plastics Limited is setting a benchmark in the polycarbonate industry with their anti-scratch coating.


Suzhou, Jiangsu -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2016 --Excelite Plastics Limited is setting a benchmark in the polycarbonate industry with their anti-scratch coating. If sources are to be believed, the company worked very hard to identify the best material for the coating and finally settled on a kind of compounds. This material is said to meet the highest standards of optical clarity and abrasion resistance.

During the initial years of the release, the company faced stiff competition with others in the market. However, being a brand that consistently strives for perfection, their efforts got noticed by customers in no time. "We were a little apprehensive in trying Excelite's anti-scratch coating at first. But when we look at our products today, we are glad we made that decision 5 years ago," said one of the happy customers.

Below are some of the reasons why Excelite's anti-scratch coating is loved by customers:

1. It forms a permanent bond with the product and does not wear off even after repeated cleanings.

2. The coated product is still formable. The substrate thickness and anti-scratch film thickness determine the maximum elongation and bend radius.

3. It resists moderate exposure to alcohols, detergents, gasoline, motor oils, window cleaners, kerosene, heptane, xylene, glycol ethers, ethylene glycol, and diesel fuel.

4. It promises no cracks for up to 10 years.

5. It saves the client from costly window/visor replacements.

6. The hard-coated product possesses excellent transparency and low haze characteristics, providing better visibility to the user.

"We have tested our product under the most stringent abrasion-resistance standards. Our coating aced the standard taber abrasion, water immersion, and adhesion tests," said Ms. Angela, the CEO of Excelite Plastics. The results of these tests are available on the company's official web site, and yes they are unmatchable. With a coating of this quality, clients can surely grow their product margins and increase their financial bottom line.

About Excelite Plastics Limited
Excelite Plastics Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of polycarbonate products in Asia since 2001. Headquartered in China, the company's total annual sales volume equates 1 billion while the total annual purchase volume corresponds to 40 million. The company also offers various coatings to enhance the shelf life of polycarbonate productsanti-scratch coating, anti-static coating, anti-fog coating, anti-glare coating, and UV coating. Excelite is synonym with "Making things excellent."

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