It's Truth or Batttle for Skincare Formulator, Naturoli, and the Beauty Industry


Peoria, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2008 -- Skincare formulator, NaturOli, states that many beauty industry leaders are guilty of unscrupulous marketing, misleading advertising, deceptive messages, concealing facts, and intentionally confusing consumers in order to sell products. NaturOli plans to take action by revealing truths.

"Will a genuinely safe, healthy, natural beauty product please stand up?" That's the question being asked by the skincare formulator and online retailer, NaturOli (pronounced naturally). “We simply want people to know and understand the facts,” states founder, Chris Sicurella. The innovative, product developer has been carving its own niche in the ultra-competitive beauty and personal care industries. NaturOli cites that many of the industry leaders are guilty of deceptive messages and misleading advertising while showing no regard for long-term consumer health.

"Some of the biggest names in the industry tell the tallest tales. Just tell people what they want to hear seems to be the prevailing sales strategy," says Sicurella. "A healthy, all-natural product claim is frequently made with as little as 10% natural ingredients (not to mention the loads of potentially harmful chemicals). It's very confusing for consumers and worse, it's misleading! It's deception - by design." Sicurella continues, "It's like a pack of cigarettes without a warning label - or worse, a pack that is labeled with 'Natural, Healthy - Enjoy!' It's beyond comprehension, but that's exactly what's happening."

"Customers want more than just chemicals and fancy fragrances," says company CEO, Donna Harris. "Today's consumer is more enlightened and demands healthier products that are truly effective and honestly good for them. Is that too much to ask for? Can't the truths be made simple to understand? It should be a matter of the publics' right to choose based upon accurate information - and you shouldn't need to be a chemist to understand what you are buying."

Most substances applied to the skin are absorbed into the body as if eaten. They ultimately enter the bloodstream. "We are dealing with some chemicals here that are used to clean garage floors!" states Sicurella. "Many are known or suspected harmful and/or carcinogenic. And for many others, it will take years for us to fully know what effect they are having on us. It's frightening."

NaturOli is structuring an all-out truth blitz, and is ready to go toe-to-toe with the pinnacles of the beauty and skincare industry. Their web site ( contains numerous pages and articles that relate to the beauty industry's standards and practices. "The gloves must come off," states a passionate Sicurella. "It could get downright ugly, but the facts must be revealed. The reality of products doesn't usually sell well, and that's the problem for the big boys. I've not named companies or products publicly before, but I hear the confusion from consumers that's caused from all the marketing hype. Have honesty and integrity completely taken a back seat to the creativity of the marketing and sales departments? I'm going to simply tell it the way it is - companies, products, ingredients and all I know. Frankly, I'm tired of being polite. It's the consumer that's getting hurt."

NaturOli Beautiful is the online home ( to wide array of exclusive products derived from wholesome, natural ingredients using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes sporting recyclable and bio-degradable packaging from end to end. Full product disclosure, easy to understand truths, and honesty in marketing/advertising are paramount to their mission and goals.