Jaboo Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Supplies for Solid Peace of Mind

Founder of Jaboo Enterprises, LLC, Steve Read is pleased to announce the launch of his new website venture, HappyBidding247.com; the website features a broad assortment of emergency and disaster preparedness supplies including survival preparedness packs ranging from a 24-hour to a 12-month supply, freeze-dried food products, and emergency kits. For more information, visit the website’s blog at SurvivalGear-Review.com.


Batavia, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2017 --Steve Read is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, http://www.HappyBidding247.com. The website features a wide variety of emergency and disaster preparedness supplies for solid peace of mind including survival preparedness packs ranging from a 24-hour to a 12-month supply, freeze-dried food products, and emergency kits. Read was inspired by dangers that lurk in the natural beauty we enjoy being surrounded by every day, and the way these dangers have been sneaking up on the world more and more. Realizing that so many people are in the dark when it comes to finding quality preparedness supplies, Read is excited to bring his personal emergency preparedness experience to guide others into the light of fear-free living.

There are many excellent emergency and disaster preparedness supplies featured within the merchandise of HappyBidding247.com. The website carries items including emergency kits that range from Guardian classroom lockdown kits to pet survival kits; survival preparedness packs such as 12-month 4-person Wise emergency food storage buckets and 2-person bucket survival kits; freeze-dried food products such as Wise milk buckets and Wise meat buckets; and more. In the future, Read plans to further expand the product lines offered on the website to include short-term and long-term water and food storage options including emergency kits that can be stored underground. Always looking to be prepared for the future, Read is planning on eventually getting into sustained long-term prepping with leading edge preparedness solutions like water-purification units and solar-powered units.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to Read regarding each and every transaction made on HappyBidding247.com. He wants to ensure that customers have positive experiences on his website by providing them with endless options so they can customize their emergency preparedness according to what they want to be prepared for, where they want to be prepared, and how many people are wanting to prepare. For those wanting hassle-free family protection, the website features family preparedness packages such as family blackout kits. Other handy options include natural disaster kits for earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and wildfires. Customers are invited to find something for any age and outing with kids' survival kits and waterproof dry bag survival kits alike.

To complement the main website, Read is also launching a blog located at http://www.SurvivalGear-Review.com.

The blog will feature topics related to emergency and disaster preparedness in general such as ensuring peace of mind in the wilderness with a fire starter kit, enjoying easy and convenient preparedness with survival food pouches, and gracefully staying on top of your life when the power goes out with an emergency blackout kit. Read hopes to give valuable tips and information on ensuring solid peace of mind in any situation.

About HappyBidding247.com
HappyBidding247.com – a division of Jaboo Enterprises, LLC – is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Steve Read.

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