Jack Barton Seeks Funding via MedStartr to Introduce Perfect Dose

Jack Barton is the innovator behind Perfect Dose, a convenient, efficient and safe way to administer the most accurate dose of any liquid meditation. Jack is looking to raise $25,000 via MedStartr crowdfunding platform for the launch of Perfect Dose.


Fontana, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/11/2015 --Inconsistent dosing has always been a serious concern for the caregivers, medical practitioners, hospitals, and patients. Recent studies reveal that in the United States, one child receives an incorrect dose of liquid medication in every eight minutes. It has also been established by a study team that whenever a visually impaired person takes a dose of liquid medication, there is a 53% likelihood of an incorrect dose. Teaspoons commonly used in the households tend to vary between .7 to 1.5 teaspoons. In spite of that, teaspoons are extensively used by the caregivers while providing liquid medication to children. Only because of incorrect administration of medication, over sixty-three thousand children are admitted to ER every year.

Jack Barton claims that he has invented an accurate remedy to inconsistent dosing called Perfect Dose. When secured on top of the bottle, this device allows only the correct dose to be delivered. Perfect Dose was created as a result of Jack's frustration during his efforts to measure the correct doses of Celexa for his Autistic son. After two years of repeated struggle, he decided to solve this problem on his own.

Perfect Dose comprises of a threaded cap equipped with an internal chamber for the storage of the correct dose of medication. This cap connects to the top of the bottle and features a knob. When the bottle is turned upside down, this turning knob dispenses the medication into the empty holding area. In the open position, this knob prevents accidental discharge of the medicine by extending to the other side of the device. It turns back to the closed position by when the chamber is filled with the medicine.

Highlighting the many benefits of Perfect Dose, Jack mentioned, "Perfect Dose solves the problem of incorrect dosing of liquid medications for children, seniors, visually impaired people, and anyone else who takes liquid medications. This includes both OTC and prescription liquid medications. For major retailers, like drug store chains and retailers who have a drug store within their facility, it provides another stream of profit and shows that you care about your customers. For organizations, who are concerned about child safety and visual impairment, and it fulfills you mission of making a difference in the life of all children, senior citizens, and the visually impaired."

Jack Barton has recently started a crowdfunding campaign via MedStartr to raise $25,000 for the market launch of Perfect Dose. This campaign will receive all the funds contributed by January 30, 2016.

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About Perfect Dose
Perfect Dose is a convenient, efficient and safe way of administering an appropriate dose of liquid medication on each use. The device is comprised of a threaded, attached cap with an internal chamber for storing the correct dose of medication. The cap is connected to the top of a medicine bottle, and it features a child-proof turning knob to dispense the medication into the empty holding area once the medicine bottle is turned upside down.