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Jackson, Tennessee Dentist Offers Comprehensive Lineup of Restorative Dentistry to Treat All Phases of Tooth Decay

Dr. Brian Pearson of Pearson Family Dentistry in Jackson, TN aims to restore patients’ confidence and smiles


Jackson, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2016 --Dr. Brian Pearson, dentist at Pearson Family Dentistry in Jackson, TN, is pleased to provide area residents with a comprehensive lineup of restorative dentistry options including crowns, white fillings, fixed bridges, root canal therapy, tooth extraction, pediatric dentistry, and full or partial dentures. Patients needing restorative dental care can count on Dr. Pearson to restore their overall health, smile, and confidence.

At some point in their life, most Americans will need some form of restorative dental care, and Dr. Pearson has made it a point to perfect a variety of treatments so that every patient receives care tailored to their exact needs. For those struggling with small cavities, Dr. Pearson offers white fillings made of a composite resin that perfectly matches the natural appearance of teeth. For those struggling with extensive decay, Dr. Pearson recommends porcelain or zirconia crowns to protect the surface of the tooth which also provides significant reinforcement protection to the underlying tooth. If infection occurs, Dr. Pearson and his staff offer root canal therapy to preserve the natural tooth, eliminate infection and any further damage to tissue and bone.

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair, Dr. Pearson will evaluate the need for extraction and walk the patient through the next steps that need to be taken. Although a last resort, there are some instances where the natural tooth isn't salvageable, and for that reason, Dr. Pearson offers extractions only when necessary. He also will make recommendations, like dentures or bridges, to restore the appearance of a natural smile.

In addition to repairing damaged teeth, Dr. Pearson and his staff strive to offer the best pediatric dental care available. Parents and children alike will enjoy Pearson Family Dentistry's gentle and educational approach to dental care. Dr. Pearson believes parents should have the opportunity to participate in their child's dental care and is happy to answer any questions the parents may have in order to help maintain their child's dental health.

About Pearson Family Dentistry
Dr. Brian Pearson is a native of Jackson, TN graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. In 2010, Dr. Pearson founded Pearson Family Dentistry in his hometown and cherishes the relationship that he's built with his community.

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