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Jacksonville Painters Using the Rainy Weather as an Opportunity to Grow His Business


Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2013 --Most Floridians are aware of the challenges that arise in working on your home or business during the summer months. The rain that comes along with the tropical summer weather is inevitable. One local business, Performance Painting Contractors Inc., has decided to seize the day!

In order to run a successful operation, one must stand out. Performance Painting has done just that, this Jacksonville painting company has distinguished itself from the competition. These North Florida painters keep a list of customers that could be ready to have their paint job done within a 24 hour notice, in exchange for a discount. The small savings is just a gesture for inconveniencing their clients. However, it has increased business and has customers talking. “We value referrals and believe that there is no better compliment”-Mr. Parker, Owner of Performance Painting Contractors Inc.

Mr. Parker offers a percentage off for being able to reach out to those customers on the “Rainy Day Bucket List” on a short notice. “We offer a discount up to 15% off for clients that are willing to let us into their homes or commercial property on those days. We call it our Rainy Day Bucket List”

In fact, not only are they innovative, but they are also adamant about their hiring practices which establishes Performance Painting as the market leaders when it comes to painters in Jacksonville FL. They do not subcontract any of their work. Mr. Parker praises himself on sound hiring practices: “When you subcontract, you lose the ability to keep promises. We interview and hire the best candidates to make sure they are a good fit within the culture of the company and take care of our customers.”

With a great attitude and innovative ideas, Performance Painting Contractors, Inc., has found a way to utilize down time, while still creating value for their customers. Their team has made a decision to accept the weather as it comes and make lemonade out of lemons! It goes to show you that many business owners face daily challenges they cannot control, it’s the few companies that decide to position themselves regardless of the circumstances who stand out from their competitors.

To get on the Rainy Day Bucket List and receive up to 15% off, click here or get a quote by visiting Performance Painting Contractors Inc. at http://www.performance-painting.com

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