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James Carlino Police Chief Weighs in on Airport Bomb Scare

San Antonio’s airport has been reopened after an alarming bomb scare—prompting comment from law enforcement expert James Carlino, Police Chief in Sarasota.


Sarasota, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2012 --Many American travelers have grown accustomed to the security procedures that have been put into place since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. While removing shoes and waiting in security checkpoint lines can often seem like a nuisance, most passengers agree that it is a price worth paying to ensure airport and airline security. Every now and then, however, something happens that proves how elusive full security can actually be. A prime example is a recent bomb scare, which took place in San Antonio International Airport. The airport is reopened following a full evacuation, while James Carlino, Police Chief and nationally known airport security expert, has issued a press statement with his own thoughts on the matter.

According to San Antonio International Airport spokesman Rich Johnson, the incident began when the airport’s security team received a “very specific” threat, with no further elaboration. The threat was precise enough that the security team had all incoming planes parked far away from the terminal. Additionally, passengers inside the terminal were herded into the tarmac. The evacuation lasted for roughly an hour and a half, in total.

The incident was serious enough that it warranted the attention not only of San Antonio International Airport security personnel, but also of local law enforcement officers. Several federal agencies were also involved with the investigation of the bomb threat, which was eventually determined to be a false alarm.

It is the involvement of the local police that has merited the attention of James Carlino, Police Chief and airport security expert in Sarasota. Carlino has worked for years as a security expert at some of the busiest airports in the country—and in a new press statement, he says the seemingly extreme response to the bomb scare was absolutely the right course of action.

“All threats like this are taken very seriously,” says Police Chief James Carlino, in his press statement. He goes on to praise the efforts of the security team in San Antonio, and also notes that preparedness for bomb scares—or bomb realities—it a vital matter for public safety. “A fast response and excellent advance planning, as in this situation, are what it takes to keep the flying public safe,” Carlino affirms.

Naturally, the incident resulted in some minor inconveniences for airport passengers, including a couple of cancelled flights and some slight delays. According to security experts like James Carlino, however, these inconveniences are minor when compared with the severity of a possible bomb, or even a bomb scare, inside an international airport.

About James Carlino
James Carlino is a Chief of Police and public safety expert with more than two decades of experience in fire response, EMS, and airport law enforcement. He has commanded security teams in some of the nation’s busiest airports, and has received extensive training with the United States Air Force. Carlino currently lives and works in Sarasota, Florida, where he remains a vocal champion and advocate of the key role that local law enforcement plays in maintaining rigorous airport security.