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James Mann: Stag Energy Responds to New Drilling Activity in Ohio

Three oil companies are reporting positive drilling results in Ohio, winning the attention of leading energy expert James Mann of Stag Energy.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2012 --For many Americans, oil drilling is something closely associated with certain geographic areas—such as Texas, perhaps, and along the Gulf Coast. According to a recent report from Bloomberg BusinessWeek, however, American oil companies are drilling in unexpected places, and finding some truly positive results. According to the article, three leading oil companies have reported positive outcomes from drilling in Ohio; the report has won the attention of many oil and gas experts, including James Mann of Stag Energy.

According to the BusinessWeek report, three leading companies have engaged in drilling activity in the eastern part of Ohio, particularly focusing on the Utica Shale. These three companies include Gulfport Energy Corp., Chesapeake Energy Corp., and Antero Resources Corp.; all three companies have reported positive results from their drilling in the area. Only one company, Devon Energy Corp., expressed disappointing results, but even Devon is “optimistic” about continued drilling efforts in the area.

These new findings have won the attention of James Mann, Operations Manager for Stag Energy. James Mann is a long-time oil and gas authority, and his company offers full-scale energy services, rendering a number of construction, maintenance, and equipment rental offerings to some of the biggest oil producers in the company. Stag Energy has responded to the recent reports from Ohio with a new statement to the press, hailing the positive news coming out of the Utica Shale region.

“New or increased drilling activity in any state is welcome news,” remarks James Mann of Stag Energy, in his new statement to the press. “The people in Ohio should be extremely happy to hear about these positive production reports. This is a positive for both Ohio and for the United States’ economy in general.”

Mann’s comments reflect very promising results from Gulfport Energy, which says in it most recent earnings report that one well in Ohio’s Harrison County is producing as many as 430 barrels of oil and 1,880 barrels of natural gas liquids per day, when operating at its peak.

Chesapeake Energy, meanwhile, reports peak production of 205 barrels of oil and 150 barrels of natural gas liquid per day. The Oklahoma-based company has leased 1.3 million acres of Ohio land, all for the purpose of tapping into these shale oil and gas reserves.

James Mann’s company, Stag Energy, is based in Texas. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services to some of the nation’s leading energy suppliers, ranging from equipment rental to contract personnel.

About James Mann
James Mann is the Operations Manager for Stag Energy, a company zealous to provide a comprehensive suite of services to oil companies throughout the United States. The firm is devoted to the highest standards of quality and of service in all of its offerings, which include site construction, equipment rental and repair, well maintenance, the provision of trained contract personnel, and more. Stag Energy’s client list includes some of the most prestigious and prolific oil companies in the entire United States. James Mann brings years of natural gas and oil experience to the company.