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Jamie Frame Design Is Bringing 3D City Street Maps to Life on Beautiful, Wooden Frames


Glasgow, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2016 --Jamie Frame Design, the firm behind the revolutionary 3D wooden city maps brought to life, has launched a Kickstarter campaign and is raising funds to bring the project to life.

Jamie Frame Design has created an awe-inspiring project that captures the magic of the cities we call home with a beautiful hand-crafted wooden map that comes alive in 3D to live in our homes and workplaces.

"The inspiration behind this project is my love of the art of street designs and networks," says founder and creator Jamie Frame, "Some of them are chaotic and others are rigidly ordered, each city with its own undeniable character. I hope to capture that art in the carvings that I am trying to get funding for with this Kickstarter project."

Each one of these maps is a unique art piece. No two maps will ever be the same. They are carved from veneered Birch plywood and finished with a natural wood wax. Because of the distinct tones and colors in each layer of the plywood each building cut into the wood produces a unique texture and changes in different lighting conditions to reveal the amazing chatoyancy and reflective character of the wood. This helps to create the impression of an abstract art work which also retains underlying personal meaning.

At its core, the project is a love letter to the places we call home. Cities are incredible. Their architecture is beautiful and inspiring. The street planning or chaotic layout give a unique insight into the history and culture of a city unlike anything else. These three dimensional carved wooden maps have been designed to capture that same sense of wonder and amusement.

"There is a lot of personal meaning to where anyone lives," says Frame, "I hope these maps can capture some of that personal meaning for anyone who backs this project."

The cities included in this Kickstarter project are: Lower Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, San Francisco, London and Paris. Each map is 25cm x 25cm (approximately 10" x 10") and 12mm thick. Each map will be shipped with hanging hooks for displaying on the wall.

Jamie Frame Design's Carved 3D Wooden Maps are now live and available for purchase on Kickstarter:

About Jamie Frame Design
Jamie Frame Design is a Scottish design brand based in Lanark. Jamie Frame is a trained engineer with a passion for art and design, he started creating his unique carved wooden wall maps in May of 2014. Since then Jamie Frame Design has established stockists throughout Scotland and Britain. His trademark carved topographical wooden wall maps are made from unique designs using CNC machining techniques. The maps are carved from the finest Birch plywood and finished with a natural wood wax. The changes in the depths of the carved areas represent the undulations in the natural terrain. The blend of the alternating directions of the wood grain in the plywood and the slight changes in the birch wood color and texture enables a beautiful and natural representation of the geography of the land.

For more information on Jamie Frame Design visit: http://www.jamieframedesign.com