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Janet Emerson Bashen, Talks About "Race Matters" at the November 2, 2017, Women's Leadership Board (WLB) Meeting at Harvard University


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2017 --Janet Emerson Bashen, Founder, President and CEO of Bashen Corporation, to lead a session on Race Matters at the Thursday November 2, 2017, Women's Leadership Board (WLB) meeting at Harvard University.

"Although more subtle, Old Jim Crow is alive and well in America, and we should thank the current state of political discord for this harsh reminder, which demands serious discourse about race," says Ms. Bashen.

"My hope is that one day we can take the 'ist' and 'ism' from the word "race." Imagine the United States of America where there are no "racists" and no one who subscribes to any form of subtle or overt "racism." We can do this, but we must first admit that there is a racial problem. Only then can we develop educational programs that teach our youth the beautiful and ugly truths about our racial history, and the importance of Diversity and Inclusion right now. These lessons must start with our very young children, and should be a part of every public-school curriculum, just like math and English. Race matters."

About Janet Emerson Bashen
With over 25 years' experience, Janet Emerson Bashen is an industry expert in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. In January 2006, Ms. Bashen was awarded a patent for her invention LinkLine®, a web-based application for EEO claims intake and case management. Companies use LinkLine to track and trend claims activity and to manage their claims effectively. Notably, this data is used to forecast where claims will probably be filed. Thereafter, companies can implement preventative measures to greatly reduce the number of future complaints filed. In 2007, Ms. Bashen was inducted into the Black Inventors Hall of Fame for her patented software. In 2010, the prestigious MIT Robert R. Taylor Network recognized Ms. Bashen for her Patented Software, LinkLine®, at the World's Festival of Black Arts and Culture in Dakar, Senegal. In January 2013, Ebony Magazine named Ms. Bashen to its annual Ebony Power 100 List, featuring the most influential African-Americans in entertainment, politics, sports and business. In 2014, Ms. Bashen was selected to become a member of the Women's Leadership Board at Harvard University's Kennedy School. In February 2016, Black Enterprise featured Ms. Bashen and focused on her business achievements.

The Women and Public Policy Program of Harvard Kennedy School closes gender gaps in economic opportunity, political participation, health and education by creating knowledge, training leaders and informing public policy and organizational practices. Our research provides evidence-based insights on the role of gender in shaping economic, political and social opportunities available to individuals. We identify successful interventions and measure their impact on women, men, and society, then share recommendations on what policies, organizational practices and leadership techniques help close involuntary gaps. We train today's leaders and prepare future leaders to create a more gender equal world, while providing women with skills and tools to successfully navigate existing systems. We draw on Harvard University's unparalleled faculty expertise and its global reach to impact the thinking of those who make decisions across sectors. No other organization in the world builds on behavioral insights to create evidence-based organizational designs that can promote women's empowerment, overcome gender bias and provide equal opportunities for women and men, like the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School. And no other entity provides assistance to organizations with the goal of consulting, learning and teaching at the same time, benefiting from the talent pool of Harvard faculty, students and fellows.

About WLB
Comprised of leaders from the most senior levels of business, academia, and the non-profit sector, members of the Women's Leadership Board (WLB) serve as key supporters and ambassadors to the Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP), a research center of Harvard Kennedy School that specializes in gender research, teaching, training, and outreach. WAPPP and the WLB ask what we can do to create gender equality and improve the lives of women and men around the world. Members of the WLB join WAPPP to discuss new insights into how to close gender gaps in economic opportunity, political participation, health, and education during bi-annual conferences held at Harvard University.

About Bashen Corporation
Bashen Corporation ("Bashen") was founded in 1994 and is a Human Resources consulting firm. We work with employers of all sizes from various industries. Bashen services include EEO and harassment investigations, workplace training, and Diversity and Inclusion strategies. Clients also have 24-hour access to our patented case management and tracking software, Linkline. Acting as a neutral third party, Bashen has investigated over 51,000 claims. Our focus is building EEO initiatives and compliance programs to create a more inclusive work environment and reduce the number of claims filed against an organization.

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