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Janus Fitness Launches New Site to Offer Expert Advice on Weight Loss and Fitness

The new weight loss and fitness site aim to help people achieve their goal of losing weight and becoming fitter and healthier. Janus Fitness provides all the tips and advice people need to lead a healthier lifestyle and tackles important issues and provides honest reviews.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/17/2016 --A new fitness and weight loss website has been launched with one aim, to help make people fitter and healthier. Janus Fitness offers professional weight loss and fitness advice as well as offering professional, honest reviews on health and fitness products and services.

The fitness site has become an important source of information for people looking to become slimmer. Since being launched, it has become one of the most recommended fitness and weight loss sites of 2016. It covers everything people need to know on how to become healthier from the right type of exercise, how to eat properly and, which products to use and which ones to avoid.

With all the fitness and weight loss plans available, it is hard to decide which ones to use. Each year millions of dollars are being wasted on products, diets, and services that do not work; Janus Fitness aims to help people stop wasting their money. They only publish tips and advice that work, and only write positive articles about products or services that really do help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

In the USA and around the world the obesity problem is on the rise. More people in 2016 are now overweight or obese than every before. According to official reports, more than 68 percent of adults are now overweight or obese in the USA. Health experts have warned that figure will continue to grow unless people start to learn how to reduce their weight and become more active.

A spokesman from Janus Fitness explained that when a person is overweight or obese, they have a higher chance of gaining a serious illness. When a person is overweight, they could be subjected to Type 2 diabetes, depression, heart problems or cancer. Doctors have warned by ignoring the dangers that being overweight brings, a person who does not take care of their body and lifestyle could have their life shortened.

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Janus Fitness provide expert advice and articles to help people become healthier. They offer honest reviews on diets, products and services.