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Jason Dottley Gay Bashed While Filming Newly Released "Summertime" Video

Taking over Top 40 radio, 3-Time Top 25 Billboard pop star Jason Dottley releases his new music video to "Summertime" featuring Rick Cross. Filmed on location at "one of the world's most beautiful beaches" and wrapping up at the nation's largest nightclub, Club Lavela, Dottley captures the essence of summer flawlessly but not without being gay bashed in the process.


Panama City, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2017 --TV and Pop Star Jason Dottley continues to go big or go home with his new music video for "Summertime" featuring Rick Cross. Filmed along one of the "world's most beautiful beaches" in Panama City Beach, Florida, at Race City amusement park, and at the largest nightclub in the United States, Club LaVela, Dottley flawlessly captures the essence of summer. Dottley's last music video set a world record for the most expensive collection of exotic cars ever in one music video, and the 5-time Top 40 Billboard recording artist shows no signs of letting go of his bigger-than-life style. And we love it!

It was all fun and games until something terrible happened, Dottley was called a "sweaty faced fa**ot" while on location in between filming. Dottley explains, "I was buying something and this girl - like 18 maybe - dressed in an American flag halter top and red pants - it was July 4th - smacks me across the shoulder and says, 'You must like cutting in front of people!' I had no idea what she was talking about and apologized for any confusion. 'Shut up! You sweaty faced fu**ing fa**ot!' was the next thing she said to me, while her very young little brother watched on. I wish I could say I had something witty to say back to her but I was so in shock I just walked away with my jaw on the floor. It didn't upset me that she called me that, per se, I was glad that she chose me because I'm stronger than her words. But it broke my heart to think of what her brother was learning and to imagine that her next victim may be someone vulnerable. She was literally the embodiment of Trump's America. Disgusting."

Reuniting with director Wes Rolan with whom Dottley created his shocking "Crazy For You" cover video of the 1980's Madonna hit, the duo once again have crafted a truly spectacular music video. "Summertime" is the polar opposite of "Crazy for You," it's all bright colors and fun, ear candy for your summer playlists!

Rick Cross produced "Summertime" and he and Dottley have teamed up in a manner reminiscent of Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris' "We Found Love."

"Rick sent me an instrumental demo, and I wrote the lyrics and melody in about 30 minutes. I love working with Rick because he always does the unexpected. 'Summertime' is one of the hardest songs I've ever had to sing because it gets higher than most of my songs. I worked so hard to hit all the high notes and then he turned all the vocals on their head and it didn't even matter - in the most brilliant way ever. Rick and I have much more music in store for you, I have a feeling!" Jason Dottley says about collaborating with Cross.

"Summertime" is currently number 100 on Neilsen/BDS's Pop Indicator Chart for Top 40 radio play. It's being played multiple times a day from Panama City Beach, to Long Island, to Sacramento, a feat practically unheard of from an artist not on on a major label, proof that great records do rise above!

Watch "Summertime" on YouTube here:

About Jason Dottley
Jason Dottley is a 5-Time Top 40 Billboard (US), Top 10 Music Week (UK) pop star. He also starred as "Ty" in "Sordid Lives: The Series" around the globe in 2009, now streaming on iTunes. He's the star of 2016's web series "Body Hair". Dottley's career also includes a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle "Best Production" award for "Yellow". He's a proud member of the Out 100 and is currently ranked in the Top 250 most influential LGBT people on social media.

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