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Jasper's New Model TC2216-24(HV) Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Power Supply

AC Input / 175 Watt 24 & 48 VDC Output w/ PFC fully compliant to the Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Cabinet Standard 5301


Anaheim, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2023 --Jasper Electronics Model TC2216-24(HV) component power supply module is fully compliant to the Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Cabinet Standard 5301, v02.02, March 18, 2019, and designated as ATC 5301 Model 2216-24-HV. This model is a 19.0" rack mounted, fully enclosed 2-output switching power supply capable delivering up to 175 Watts DC and intended specifically for use in ATC High Voltage (HV) Cabinets. It is designed for non-redundant "cold pluggable" installation in the end product. AC input and PE is via a detachable power cord inlet, and DC output power connections are through a 6-circuit connector, both on the rear of the supply as shown. User accessible line-side input and individual output fuses, as well as condition indicator LEDs, are all visible on the front panel. Front panel test points allow the user to verify output voltage set points. Model TC2216-24 is convection cooled, with an extended operating temperature range, and designed to be directly interchangeable with 2216-24 modules from other vendors.

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Jasper Electronics has been an industry leader in innovative DC power systems since 1995. The company acquired that position through a dedication to engineering and manufacturing excellence, and a design philosophy that ensures the highest degree of ISO9001:2015 product quality and reliability. Jasper specializes in the design and manufacture of specialty DC Power Sources, including CalTrans Spec TEES-Compliant Traffic Control Power Supplies and PDAs, Compact PCI from 175 watts to 500 watts, High Reliability Hot-Swap Switching Power Supplies for Nuclear, Medical, and other specialty industries, Low Noise Convection / Conduction Cooled Power Supplies, and Medical Power Adapters.