Jay Servidio, Owner of Teleteria Casino Announces Fast Money-Making Opportunity for Brazil's Summer Olympics

Industry leader and owner of Teleteria Casino, Jay Servidio offers an inside track on gaming website development for the Summer Olympics. With the games held this time in sexy Brazil, the marketplace leader takes a no-holds-barred approach to cashing in before, during, and after the historic event.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2016 --Like the blazing summer month, it'll fall in, the Summer Olympics in Rio will, no doubt, be a hotbed of opportunity. So says America's leading gaming website developer and owner of Teleteria Casino, Jay Servidio. Creating a stir with savvy entrepreneurs, Servidio says now's the time to make a mint on the games. Starting just before August 5th major traffic will go full throttle globally. To make a profit from the online buzz weeks before the event, gaming website owners with foresight are already on the rise. They're using organic traction to increase online sports betting and gaming three to four-fold. Servidio says, a new breed of online betting site owners will grab a piece of that pie.

Servidio anticipates a rise from the current $3 billion a week in revenue to $10 billion a week in global revenue from online gambling websites due to the Olympics. The owner of says, "Sure, we all love the games, but my question is, why just watch them when you can make a profit? Our sites are turnkey which is why my clients call Teleteria a landfall. We make it very simple to make easy money. Anyone can join the party so, take the party to Brazil."

The gaming industry standout goes on to say; it's all about getting into position to chime in on the 2016 Olympics all over Facebook and Twitter. From there casino directories are just ready for new online betting site advertisements about Brazil before, during, and directly after the games.

In business since 1994, Servidio's Teleteria Casino is the only company in the marketplace that allows entrepreneurs to own an online casino and get paid directly from a casino operations company. That means no profit sharing. That also means "average people" can have a viable business running within three days without a significant capital investment, gaming license, or legalities to prohibit revenue.

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